Faster Than Light
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From the Old Republic our daring crew finds itself far outside the outer rim trying to help save the Federation, a close ally to the struggling republic!

This mod brings the iconic ship: The Ebon Hawk to FTL as a playable ship

Permissions and credits
- Basic Laser (x2)

- PILOT CONSOLE      (Level 1)
- DOORS(Level 2)
- MEDBAY     (Level 1)
- SHIELDS     (Level 2) i.e. one shield bubble
- WEAPONS   (Level 2)
- OXYGEN      (Level 1)
- ENGINES     (Level 3)
- SENSORS    (Level 1)
- DRONE CONTROL     (Level 2)

- 7 Points

- Shield Charge Booster

- Anti-Personnel Drone
- System Repair Drone

- Brings a bit more variety to the game, Iconic ship from the Star Wars universe
- Fully loaded Gibs to reward you with an awesome looking demise should you fail
- Replaces the Kestrel mode C (a relatively easy to unlock ship)
- Smuggler Doors: doors start out at level 2 to delay boarders
- Fast Shield Recharge: Augment
- Starts the game with 2 drones: combat drone is HK-47 and the system repair drone is T3-M4
- Ship has 4 weapon slots
- Average reactor power at start
- Strong engines at start

- Only two starting crew members: I wanted to add more but two main characters are represented as the drones on the ship and more crew would unbalance the game start.
- Very weak starting weapons
- Critical systems are spread far apart in ship floorplan
- Ship airlocks are not symmetrical or extremely efficient in placement

- I don't know of a way to hard set the names/customization of the starting crew. You will have to customize crew appropriately if that is important to you: humans are supposed to be Revan & Bastila
- There is no engine animations: Superluminal ship editor doesn't include a way to incorporate it that I know of

- 1.0 - First release of ship mod
- 1.1 - Moved the weapons system to the port wing of the ship to balance out empty space. This results in the hacking system being on the starboard wing if the player obtains a hacking system in game.

I hope you all enjoy!
Please let me know if you feel the ship is unbalanced or you experience problems with it
I have played through an entire game with this ship and haven't had any significant issues.

-Feel free to edit and modify this .ftl ship file and make the Ebon Hawk custom to you!
   (instructions in the readme.txt file)