Faster Than Light
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This mod brings the beloved Millennium Falcon to FTL. Join Han and Chewie as they race across the galaxy to deliver their smuggled war secrets that could save the Federation! When they accepted this job, they didn't realize just how perilous it would be.

Permissions and credits
Han and Chewie are in over their heads yet again in their next big adventure through the FTL universe!

- BOSS LASER ARTILLERY    (x1) This artillery slot mimics the quad laser turrets iconic to the falcon

- PILOT CONSOLE    (Level 2)
- DOORS     (Level 1)
- MED BAY         (Level 1)
- SHIELDS          (Level 2) i.e. One shield point
- WEAPONS       (Level 2)
- ARTILLERY      (Level 1)
- OXYGEN   (Level 1)
- ENGINES  (Level 3)

- 5 points

- FTL Recharge Booster "Hit the Hyperdrive!"

- It's the Millennium Falcon in FTL (custom drawn to match the art style)
- Fully loaded Gibs to reward you with an awesome looking demise should you fail
- Replaces the Kestrel mode C (a relatively easy to unlock ship)
- Fast Engine times for those moments where you need to flee a fight you would otherwise lose
- Battery backup to give your engines and other systems that extra push at the right moment
(This compensates for the weak starting reactor and tries to mimic the movies in that something's
  always broken on the Falcon and they need to re-route power to get a system going)

- The artillery canon can save you in a pinch and doesn't take up a weapon slot
- Auto pilot console (level 2) will help your ship evade when Han is trying to fight boarders/make repairs
- Overall its a fun ship to play and makes for a good FTL run (some of the time)

- Low missile count at start
- Venting system isn't the most efficient (tried to keep it accurate and balanced)
- Only 3 weapon slots (not counting artillery system)
- Two starting crew members
- Very weak starting reactor (Its going to be a power struggle for the first little bit)
- Few starting systems "What a piece of Junk!" -Luke Skywalker
(This is your opportunity to mod the Falcon to whatever fits your style!

- I don't know of a way to hard set the names/customization of the starting crew. You will have to name
them appropriately if that is important to you
- Due to the fact that the artillery weapon is from the Flag ship and not the standard beam or flak artillery
from the federation cruisers there is a problem with it rendering the charge bar. The weapon will fire at
approximately half of the charge bar (meaning its more effective than it looks). I'm not sure there is a
way for me to fix that
- There is no engine animation. Superluminal Ship editor doesn't allow you to equip custom engine flair 
(that I know of)

-1.1: Fixed an issue where the ship thumbnail was too big and would fill a majority of the screen in the ship selection menu. ship selection icon is now an appropriate size.

I hope you all enjoy!
Please let me know if you feel the ship is unbalanced or you experience problems with it
I have played through an entire game with this ship and haven't had any significant issues.