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Mass Effect Terminus is an overhaul mod to rewrite FTL into the Mass Effect universe, just before Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Permissions and credits

Mass Effect Terminus is a overhaul mod to rewrite FTL into the Mass Effect universe. It is set just before the newly released Mass Effect: Andromeda.

No additional updates are planned, but if new information is revealed about the Milky Way in future Mass Effect games, this mod may be updated again.


The Alliance has been searching for any edge they can get over the recently reassembled Cerberus, and have finally found one: The Cerberus Flagship.

After they disabled most of the comm buoys throughout the Terminus Systems and the Attican Traverse, Cerberus have used quantum entanglement communicators to relay all commands through their flagship. If it can be destroyed, their entire fleet will be thrown into chaos.

You are an Alliance captain heading through the Attican Traverse and the Terminus Systems to reach the Alliance’s mobile base there, and deliver this information manually.


  • Some story edits to most events
  • Minor structural changes to very few events
  • New artwork for all Cerberus, Alliance, Geth and a few other ships.
  • Completely overhauled one event: NEBULA_SLUG_FAKE_STORE
  • All races changed
  • Unused ghost race restored as Crew VI
  • Most enemy ships renamed
  • Restored most of the unused events/choices
  • Some sectors renamed
  • Optional extranet event added to the start of each sector

Some assets for the Crew VI race were used from FTL Captains Edition (here) in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (here).

Lore Changes:

Obviously, the Federation have been changed to the Alliance, and the Rebels have been changed to Cerberus. All mentions of lore/story around these factions have been changed as well to fit in with the Mass Effect universe.

Cerberus (actually a separatist group that named themselves after Cerberus) have been used as the Rebels because they are a known faction in Mass Effect lore. If users feel this is too forced, or a better fitting faction is revealed to exist in the Milky Way in future games, I am willing to rewrite them.

Included in at the beginning of every sector is an optional event where the player can connect to the extranet and read the detailed history of the Milky Way since the end of the Reaper War, as well as news reports about its current state. It was written in an attempt to tell the most plausible and realistic outcome of each different ending after Mass Effect 3, and how it leads into this mod. It will be continually updated as more information about the canon story of the Milky Way is revealed by Bioware.

Race Changes:

The species in FTL most closely match some of the non-citadel races from Mass Effect, which is why it has been set in the Attican Traverse and the Terminus Systems.

  • Engi and Zoltan = Quarian/geth (See below)
  • Rockmen = Krogan (Immune to fire, -50% movement, +50% health)
  • Mantis = Vorcha (+50% damage, +20% movement, -50% repair)
  • Slug = Rachni (Reveals adjacent rooms and crew of ships, immune to mind-control)
  • Crystal = Synril (Lockdown power, -50% suffocation damage, -20% movement, +25% health)
  • Lanius = Ditakur (Drains oxygen from occupied room, immune to suffocation, -20% movement)

Quarian and Geth:

For the story, lore and events, the Engi are the geth, and the Zoltan are the quarians. For the gameplay mechanics, individual crew and ship encounters, the Engi are the quarians and the Zoltan are the geth. This creates the most accurate representation of these species possible. These changes only really affect the story, will not modify the gameplay in any significant way, and do not break anything in game at all.


  • Engi: +100% repair speed, -50% damage, synthetic lifeforms.
  • Zoltans: Adds 1 power to occupied system, explodes on death, -30% health, very concerned with security.

In Mass Effect Terminus:

  • Geth: Adds 1 power to occupied system, explodes on death, -30% health, synthetic lifeforms.
  • Quarians: +100% repair speed, -50% damage, concerned with security.

Ditakur and Synril:

They are a minor background races from the time of the Protheans that are very briefly mentioned by Javik in a conversation with Garrus (transcribed below). All that is known about them is that in the previous cycle, the synril claimed to have found the path to eternal peace but were wiped out by the ditakur.

They were used because the Lanius and Crystal races were not suitable for any known Mass Effect species. The ditakur and synril had very little lore around them, so could be written to fit in with their design in FTL. If future Mass Effect games reveal a more commonly used race that could fit instead, then the mod will be changed and updated.

If you have a ditakur or synril crewmember, you can speak to them during the extranet event to learn about their detailed history.

Garrus: ...everybody was fighting the rachni, trying to push them back through the relay. Finally, the krogan were turned loose and stopped them. 

Javik: I see.

Garrus: But when the krogan rebelled, we had to deploy the genophage to stop them. Wasn't the only rebellion. A thousand years later, the geth revolted against the quarians. That was a whole other war. Then along came the humans—my own people tangled with them for a while—and now, to top it all off, we've got the Reapers. What about you?

Javik: The Oravores fought the Densorin. The Enduromi conquered the Vandomar, and the Zha'til turned against the Zha.

Garrus: So... I guess nobody ever really ever gets their act together.

Javik: The Synril claimed to have found the path to eternal peace.

Garrus: What happened?

Javik: The Ditakur preferred war and wiped them out.

Garrus: I hope you guys had alcohol.

Future Changes:

I am open to changing things, so if anyone has suggestions for story/structure changes, bug fixes or even entirely new events they would like to see added, I could write them into the next update. I have also not done any artwork for the races because I suck at art. If you would like to help with this, it would be greatly appreciated :)

No future updates are currently planned.


Open the .zip file and extract the .ftl file inside.

Use Slipstream Mod Manager available here.