Faster Than Light
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Commissioned by the Federation for all-purpose assault against must larger vessels, The Leghorn's namesake was a hardy southerner with a penchant for repeating himself.

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This ship is an average difficulty replacement to the Kestrel. It features a custom Hull and Shield and custom room images (just edited from the original game images). It is my first mod, so give me any concerns and criticisms so I can improve, but I've play tested it and it seems to work exactly as expected.

The starting Health is 40.
The starting Power is 10.
The starting Augment is Titanium Casing.
Weapons are two Burst Laser Mk. I's.
You start with a four-person crew composed of 2 Humans and an Engi.
Systems consist of medbay, shields, doors, battery, and sensors (as well as other necessities) to start.
Additional, purchasable systems are teleport, drones, and hacking.

One last bit of info: I made all the images using and copy/paste so go easy on that part. I really worked hard to touch everything up and make it look like a good resolution and shading. Hopefully you guys would agree that it's pretty good, considering.

Thank you for your interest in my ship, the files include the images, data, etc. There is also a .ftl that works perfectly with Slipstream mod manager.