Farthest Frontier
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Spawn animals for food like Deer, Boar, Wolf and Bear AND Wolf Den AND Fish

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Spawn animals and den right on your mouse cursor

v1.1.1 (default, configurable)
F5 - Spawn deer spawn point ( now it will stay )
F6 - Spawn 1 boar
F7 - Spawn 1 wolf
F8 - Spawn 1 bear
F9 - Spawn Wolf den

v1.1.2 (default, configurable)
- Double max fish count to water area
O - Add shoal of fish to water area (add productivity to fishing shack)

- Updated for 0.8.1a and MelonLoader 0.6.0
Some notes on Deer spawn points:
- If somehow you can't spawn deer, try to spawn it far from any buildings, or try to save and reload and try again

- Still unable to make Boar spawn point to stay after game reload, so this feature excluded.

To edit default hotkey, open UserData/AnimalSpawner.cfg with text editor, or
Use MelonPreference Manager from sinai, here
Download the Il2CPP version from release page, extract like other mod to /Mods folder

Change log v1.1.1:
  • Add confgurable hotkey
  • Fix deer spawn point that previously spawned and missing icon
  • Add wolf den spawner

Old Version
v1.0.0.0 for game v0.7.4
F1 - Spawn 5 deer
F2 - Spawn 1 boar
F3 - Spawn 1 wolf
F4 - Spawn 1 bear

v1.1.0.0 for game v0.7.5+
F5 - Add spawn point + 5 deer ( spawn point is missing after reload, but the deer stay )
F6 - Spawn 1 boar
F7 - Spawn 1 wolf
F8 - Spawn 1 bear

Accidentally included LOL:
- Move speed
- Storage capacity
- Produced items
- Fertility

Just download the normal version for less cheaty version

You can build fence and gate before spawning to prevent them running away

This mod required version 0.7.5+ to work and MelonLoader installed.

Install instruction:
- Download and follow the instruction to install MelonLoader.
- Run the game, make sure MelonLoader is initialized successfully.
- Close the game
- Put the extracted mod (.dll)  to "Mods" folder