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  • Update on BGA Bunker Silos...

    Apparently there is a glitch with placing Bunker silos on concrete at the BGA plants . Causing bleed trough of product which makes collection of silage impossible.. Will address this problem in future update . But best fix is to place other bunker silos in game and avoid using the placed ones. This is not best sloution but this situation also does not warrant another update and game save for everyone that has downloaded map.  Will most likely delete those bunkers in future update as silage can be moved by train with great ease.. 

  • 2.1 update

    The latest update is only required if you want to use the Bunker silos at the BGA's or intended to use the train to transport seeds and fert to RR silos..    If not using either feature you do not need to update  to 2.1  .  Once again I ask for error reports  to be sent to me at [email protected] or i can be reached on discord. I can't trace error reports left in several different discord or website pages.. thank you........

  • Update on ALfalfa...

    The alfalfa included in map is fully functional.  It will turn to hay if tedded and has custom bale types as well.  Seasons does not see the alfalfa as grass so it will not dry like grass will if cut under 20% moisture.  Consequently alfalfa must always be tedded to make hay out of it....

  • Update 1.2

    Have gone through entire map.. All animal pens have been checked and are fully functioning. All placeables have been tested and are fully functioning.
    Fixed issue with not being able to sell certain placeables.  Fixed RR silo farm 4.  Fixed issue with fuel storage's at farms. 
    Deleted many trees from map borders and thinned out all the forests. Decreased the clip distances on all trees . 
    Map is running smoother with better FPS on entire map. In town Fps will be low. Nothing can be done considering the detail put into the town.  Getting FPS of 45 to 60 throughout rest of map .   My apologies .this should be the last update on map for awhile. I have gone through as much of map as possible.  you may find some floating trees here and there .. I did my best to hunt th...