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A real life real terrain map modeled after a Town in Up state NY.

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Hello My Farming Friends and welcome to Georgetown N.Y.  My name is Moses Rounds, my friends call me Mo, I'm the mayor around these parts. Established in 1804 Georgetown is a small farming town nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of upstate NY.  We have long traditions in farming here dating back to the days the first Pioneers began to settle this great nation. Dairy and Hardwood logging were what built this town and kept us going long into the modern age. Until one day some slick talking government types came   along with a grand plan and promises of steady markets and benefits we couldn't think of. So most folks sold out to them Govt. boys. Well I guess I don't have to tell you how that went. Now for the good news. Recently our town received a grant from a guy we hadn't heard of really but I guess he's real big in fruit farming. Apples I think..  He had traveled through our town over the years and noticed how it just wasn't the same as it was in the good ole days'.    So he decided to give us a bit of money to help rebuild things around here. Using the grant the town council and I met and decided the best ways to spend this gift. Now we tried to make everything new but even his generous gift wasn't enough to do all we had wanted to do. So let me tell you what we did get done.. Here in Georgetown you will find 6 farms. 5 farms are either rebuilt or brand new with the 6th being , well , I'll get back to that one. Each of the Farms have everything a hardworking farmer will need to get started. Well as far as  buildings and fields. We even managed to round up a few pieces of equipment to help get you started. We left it all at Farm 1 but feel free to use it how and where you see fit. Some of the farms were rebuilt from almost the ground up while others were rebuilt and improved.  One farm. Farm 5 features the biggest fanciest cow barn you have ever seen with all the bells and whistles. We actually went a bit overboard on that farm.. Which brings me back to that last farm I mentioned. Do to lack of funding near the end of the project, a decision was made to leave that farm a big blank space for a hard working farmer to make their own. Each pre built farm features pig and cow barns ,some have horse barns and we even added a sheep pen to one.. Each has several ways to store grain, grass and bulk products.  We also updated the local and regional train lines to move the crops and products you make out to the world. Feel free to use the train as you see fit.. I believe you will find it very useful and one heck of a scenic ride.  For the loggers out there our area features several State forest areas that can be harvested after you buy the logging rights from them State Boys.You will find several spots around the map that will assist you in the loading and unloading of any crops and products onto the train. We also have several factories located around town ready to take many of the products you produce and make even more valuable products for you to sell. Production facilities include a compost factory, I hear that black gold spreads real well on fields, adds lots of good stuff back into the soil.  Georgetown also has one of the oldest flour mill companies in the state ready to make valuable flour from your grain. There is also a Pig food factory, a biodiesel plant where you can make your own fuel to use or sell, and two new Green factories the scientists tells us will take snow from roads and parking lots  and reclaim the salt used to melt the snow. What will they think of next. So now we got us a state of the art incinerator that melts snow and makes dirty water. You then take that dirty water to the water treatment plant where they reclaim the road salt. Pretty fancy huh? ****************Factory inputs: Compost Factory :25% manure/75%straw.. Biodiesel Factory: 25%water 75%corn... Flour Factory: 100%wheat,barley,oats,rye,spelt.. Pig food Factory:25%corn 25%wheat/spelt 50%potato/sugarbeets****Whichever Farm you decide on I'm sure you will find our beautiful area full of incredible veiws , trees for miles and deep valleys and rivers.  Our grass grows green and thick and our fields glow gold with corn in the fall.   Well I'll leave you to find you way around town now. Stop by the court house anytime for a chat. or even Pop's Diner I have been known to spend a few minutes a day ********************************************************************************Author Note******************************************************************************************************************   Map is a 4 x real life terrain map modeled after Georgetown NY.   Fully seasons and straw harvest ready map has multi fruits and alfalfa added.  Map has custom traffic patterns and speeds with collisions adjusted .  Built for seasons use Map has many changes and additions you will only see in the winter.  2 bga's   Several bulk products sell points are located around map including a RR sell point that lets you load the train using the sell point conveyor belt included in the zip file.  Also included is a Custom Geo for Georgetown that adds all new crops to planting and harvest schedules.  Many animal areas and buildings on map are custom and made for this just for this map. Beware selling buildings on farms as the terrain on map can make replacing them difficult. There are flat areas and fields around map where placeables can be easily added. 
   Map includes three horse pen areas   around the perimeter of map to be use for day rides with horse .. Pens have only unload and load triggers attached.  use trailer to transport horses unload ride  then take back to your farm for feeding..  An area very near and dear to my heart Georgetown was a special place to grow up. I really hope folks enjoy my vision for how I will always see it. ******************** Credits******************* First and foremost let me thank those that helped me make this map come true. As always my mentor and friend CCS101, with me anytime I need advice or some calming down..  My testing team , Farmall Forever, Farmer Minn  and his crew on his server. thank you all for you hard work and giving your time to this project.  My main Man and friend Klutch. You gave Hazzard a chance when many wouldn't.. thank you.. Enjoy this one...    And of course let me thank any modders that find their creations in some form or part on this map. This community would not exist with out so many people willing to give their free time and energy to make wonderful creations for everyone to use and enjoy. Hats off to you...    I can be reached at [email protected] or on Discord for any questions.   thank you and enjoy.....Nitrodad1115