Farming Simulator 19
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A large mechanic shop, ideal for repairing large machinery. The laptop is the repair trigger.

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FS19 Large Mechanic Shop (v1.1.0.2) Knottypine

*This mod is also available for PS4 and XB1 on the official Giants Modhub!

I began creating this mod for personal use as I wanted a mechanic shop capable of supporting large machinery.  Once modelling began, I decided
that I would enter it into the Farming Simulator Mod Contest 2019.  I am deeply humbled that many people gave this mod a high rating and it
came in 14th place for Best Mod.  I certainly wasn't expecting that kind of reception, and thank everyone very much for their votes!

Also, thanks to the following YouTubers that showcased my mod during the contest (Sorry if I missed some):


Requires FS19 v1.5+

The purpose of this shop is to support the entry of larger vehicles in need of repair by using oversized doors. This has a large footprint, and it's highly recommended to place on level terrain.

Main models were created in Blender; main structure, base, roof, windows, glass, doors, garage doors, supports, office, laptop, and some lighting models.  Most decor items and partial lighting designs were imported from Giant's assets.  The pictures on the walls are actually some of my other mods that are available on Nexus Mods.

I am an amateur when it comes to Blender, and only learned how to use the basics during this project through the use of tutorials online and some helpful YouTube videos.

Some aspects may be crude as my novice abilities show through, and I'm not exactly happy with the lighting.  I also had a plan to include a working wash bay, however, I couldn't get the pressure washer trigger to function at all.  So the rear part of the building serves as a drive-thru repair bay for extra long vehicle/trailer combinations.  The rear bay doors open simultaneously for easy in/out travel.  The sellAreaTrigger extends through almost the entire interior to support this.  (Recommended mod to accompany this: Workshop Tabber)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The actual sell trigger is not visible by typical means.  Instead, there is a laptop that you interact with.  I feel this added to the vision I had for this shop.

This shop can be found in the store under:

This project took a month (30 days to be exact) to complete, including 200+ blend files, and 40+ backups.  As well as much frustration.
So please respect my work and do not upload anywhere else.

  • Downloaded file must be unzipped
  • Copy the zip file '' into your mods folder.
  • Enable in-game by checking the box.

To uninstall
  • Simply delete the mod from your mods folder. (Optional: sell placed building(s) before uninstalling.)

Recommended mods
Overhaul of light system -
This not only improves the in-game lighting substantially, it highly improves the lighting inside the mechanic shop.

HoT animated object extend -
This allows the rear bay doors to automatically open when you drive up to them with a vehicle.

Workshop Tabber -
Makes it much easier to repair multiple items in the large bay.

Giants Software, Knottypine
Sound effect 'fox_audio_open_store' obtained from