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Graphics patch ReShade for less burning highlights and brighter deep shadows, softer edges, less crisp at no cost of detail, natural coloring. The very first ReShade made for this game, because we don't need a thousandth ReShade for other games that look perfect as they are originally.

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Kazimir is known to have badly damaged sight due to drinking a lot of alcohol. He perceives devilishly deep shadows and brilliant highlights from the sun.

Luckily there's somewhat a cure for him in form of My Eyes! Patch ReShade.

See before/after screenshots for an idea of the final effect.

Note: This is intended for Brightness set at 50 in game. I don't recommend to tamper with Brightness in settings as it makes things worse in any direction. If you need to adjust, use your display device settings instead.


1. Download and extract all the contents of the zip into the game root folder where FarmersLife.exe resides

2. Download and run installation of ReShade

3. At "Select a game..." selection choose FarmersLife.exe

4. At "Select the rendering..." choose DirectX 10/11/12

5. At "Select preset..." browse to "ME preset.ini" in your game folder

6. Hit Next button and let the required shaders download, then Finish