Farmer's Life
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Configurable game time progress.

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Configurable game time progress.

Configuration file:

1. Install BepInEx (Installation instructions)
2. Run game and exit. BepInEx should create necessary folders.
3. Put mod file SlowerDays.dll in <GameFolder>/BepInEx/plugins
4. Run game.

If you notice that mod is not working check BepInEx logs file located in <GameFolder>/BepInEx/LogOutput.log
Example of normal mod loading
[Info   :   BepInEx] 1 plugins to load
[Info   :   BepInEx] Loading [SlowerDays 1.0.0]
[Info   :SlowerDays] Plugin is loading...
[Info   :SlowerDays] Initializing settings...
[Info   :SlowerDays] NormalTimeScale = 10
[Info   :SlowerDays] FastTravelTimeScale = 1000
[Info   :SlowerDays] Settings initialized.
[Info   :SlowerDays] Patching game...
[Info   :SlowerDays] Patched.
[Message:   BepInEx] Chainloader startup complete