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Rebalance of most weapons to be more realistic + viewmodel changes.

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This is the New Dawn version of my Far Cry 5 mod. I have edited the damage and magazine capacity of every firearm in the game for the sake of realism. Damage is determined by cartridge and barrel length. Some weapons now use different ammo types, such as pistols which now share ammo with SMGs. Handgun ammo is reserved for .44 Magnum weapons and rifle and LMG ammo have been repurposed as small rifle (.223 equivalent) and large rifle (.308 equivalent) ammo respectively. I have also removed all weapon tier resistances.

Melee weapons are currently unaffected however.

In addition to the weapon changes I have reduced all of the Scavengers' health values to one quarter of their original values. So the elite enemies that originally had 1600 health now only have 400. Coupled with the damage changes and the removal of weapon tier resistances this makes New Dawn play much more like a shooter and less like an RPG.

I have also changed every weapon's viewmodel FOV values to be entirely uniform. You can choose either 90 or 110.

Special ammo types are currently disabled, but I intend to add them back in at some point after balancing them.


Use the Far Cry New Dawn Scavenger mod. Drop the .a3 file into the Scavenger mod's ModifiedFiles folder and activate it in the mod installer.