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Hate the abundance of pink flowers? This mods got your back. Greener grasses are ahead.

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This mod will transform your post-nuclear recovering Montana into a world with much greener meadows. While the concept of a superbloom is real, I found it to be much of an eyesore in New-Dawn, and didn't make much sense as superblooms are quite rare occurrences that require a very specific set of events to occur in a desert region. Montana may certainly be scorched, but by no means is it a desert. This being said, there are still flowers in the game, including some pink ones, but they are few and far between. Nearly all areas that had abundances of pink flower grasses and vine-flowers are completely gone.

1 - Install the file which corresponds to your game. (HD Texture pack compatibility, or SD compatibility)

2 - Install the FCND Scavenger mod. This is REQUIRED.

3 - Drag and drop the ".a3" file into the "ModifiedFilesND" folder from the Scavenger Mod.

4 - Activate and install from within the Scavenger mod's installer menu. There are instructions on how to do so on the Scavenger mod's page. This Scavenger mod is an absolute requirement, and allows for easy modding for all users, if it weren't for it's existence, modding FCND and FC5 would be nearly impossible.

Big thanks to ArmanIII and the people on the "Far Cry Series Modding" discord for their assistance.