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I'm Schrotflinte12,  I'm a video gamer and make mods.


I play various old-school shooters like Serious Sam, DooM, etc, modern games like the Far Cry series and 2D games like Terraria.


Not only do I play these games, I also have an interest in modifying them.


I've created mods for Serious Sam and taught myself how to modify the Far Cry games, DooM 3, and made a texture pack for Terraria.


On Steam, you can find some mods I made for Serious Sam Classics: Revolution.


I decided to join the Nexus community, because I wanted to use mods made by the community and because I want to share modifications made by me, with the community.


If you want to discuss anything about mods with me, then go ahead and notify me. I'm looking forward to it.

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