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A weapon overhaul that changes damage, magazine size, caliber, fire rate and bullet velocity to be an accurate picture of how these rounds and weapons behave in real life.

Permissions and credits
This is no longer just an editor preset or submod for Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/farcry5/mods/31) and uses their editor. Thanks to them for making this possible.

There's a TON of changes, more than I can write on this page, you can skip down to the google docs link near the bottom or click HERE for the full stat sheet.

-All weapons had a field of view between 50 and 70. No. Bad. Get that gun out of your mouth. They now have 85 to 120. Like you're holding it with your hands.

Damage is now based on the muzzle energy of a given cartridge in a given weapon

-The D50 did 400 damage. Someone told a dev it's a 50 caliber and all they heard was "PISTOL WITH SNIPER BOOLIT" and they made it the Halo 1 magnum.
-Mg42 now behaves like it's a scary fuck off machine gun and isn't the second weakest rifle caliber weapon. 
-45/70 did 220 damage because it's some kind of old timey cowboy gun and guns were less lethal in the past, before the invention of the AR-15.
-AK-47 and the M60 both used to do 65 damage. Somebody saw 7.62x39 and 7.62x51 and went "Eh, close enough."
-No longer will a gun do 65 damage while another of the same caliber does 121 because one has rifle bullets and the other has sniper bullets.

Magazine sizes are based on real world factory mags and after market extended mags

-This one cuts both ways. Some, like the mp40, went way up, 32 standard, 64 extended. Some, like the M133 went way down, 3 standard, 5 extended.
-Mg42 now uses a 50 round standard belt issued to machine gunners BUT the extended is a 250 round belt used in static fortifications. (and it's a ton of fun)
-AR-C, BP2 and 416 now have 60 round magazines modeled off the Surefire quad stack mags. The AKs get one too thanks to Kalashnikov USA.
-AR-CL and SVD both get 10 standard 20 extended, the MS16 gets a 20 and a 25, the SMG-11 even gets a 40 and you're gonna need it with the new fire rate.
-The Beretta m9 is now 15 standard and 30 stendo. You might think "Sounds pretty ghetto, probably Promag." NOPE that's listed on Beretta's own website.

Caliber is based on real world counterparts and has been changed around some

-Nearly a third of all guns in game were chambered in 9x19 luger. I took some steps to alleviate that.
-P226 is now a .40 S&W, the bz-19, Skorpion and 6p9 all became 9x18 Makarov and the mp34 is now .45 acp which was the South American export model.
-AR-C and AR-CL are now 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 respectively.
-SVD is modeled in 7.62x54R, and the Mg42 is modeled in 7x57, as they should be.
-The one exception to the rule was the 308 carbine, where I picked a different cartridge that squeezed a bit more power out of the platform for hunting.

Fire rate has been changed up and down according to real world counterparts

-Semi autos got a bump to 600 rounds per minute to fix that annoying hiccup where it doesn't shoot when you click too fast.
-M16a1 now fires at 700 rounds per minute, the AR-C fires at 900 and the 416 at 690. This better reflects the real world and creates variety.
-Mg42 got it's proper 1200 RPM, the SMG-11 even got 1250. You're gonna want those extended mags.
-All 3 models of mp5 all got their correct fire rate, 900 on the K, 800 on the regular and 700 on the SD.
-With a combination of lightened action, a lighter gun, or a shortened gas system, the short 45/70, M133, 1887 and AK all caught a fire rate boost.
-Spas 12 became semi auto, in the real world it can fire 4 rounds per second. (If you're Jerry Miculek anyway)

All of the bullets now travel at or near their realistic speeds

-For some reason UBI had all rounds traveling about as fast as the Titanic, after it sank (between 280 and 310 meters per second.)
-These are nearly airsoft ballistics.
-Molasses is not an approved smokeless powder propellant.
-No kidding, the 9mm and 50 BMG had the same travel speed. 
-That's why you had to lead a guy running down the road like you were shooting at an aircraft.
-I have fixed this problem.

Barrel lengths have been modeled and are used for damage scaling

-This was done by deriving damage from a specific cartridge, using that as max damage, then scaling down the damage proportionate to relative length.
-Special ammo is always a fixed modifier over standard. I have no way of measuring nor modeling whatever hillbilly handloads you found lying around.
-As a heads up, especially if you play with NPC random weapons. You. Will. Die. Bullets don't act like paintballs anymore, so find cover.
-It's ok though, you're here now, where the bad stat numbers can't hurt you anymore. Unlike the bullets. Those'll kill ya.

Version 1.1 DLC support

-As of version 1.1 all DLC weapons have been integrated. This includes the Vietnam only weapons in HoD, the LoM energy weapons and zombies.
-Vietnam got the works. Speed, surprise and violence of action is the key to victory. Become one with the rice field.
-Lost on Mars' AYYLMAO guns got a bit of a rework. They're still OP as all hell in Montana but now your mission to ensure that human civilization, not insect, dominates this galaxy now and always, will feel less tedious. 
-Dead living zombies mostly uses base game weapons but each level has it's own "super" weapon. Those were brought in line, but gave me an idea.

-In Montana, you get access to some horrifyingly ugly guns. They are Boyle-ing Point, Obannon's Hand Cannon, Boom on a Stick, The De-animator, The Braindeader and All Roads Lead to Romero. I had a choice, make them statistically identical to their actually-pleasant-to-look-at counterparts, or have some fun with them to compensate for having them on screen. I turned them into Hollywood guns. I'm talking double damage, high capacity assault clips, magic bullets that blow up cars and kill the bad guys. 12 shots out of a clearly 6 round revolver? Hell yeah. A shotgun with 24 rounds internally? Absolutely. A sniper with anti-locomotive rounds? Go nuts.

-Real talk though, they were right there next to the alien weapons which are already pretty game breaking as it is. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way for NPCs to get or use these guns, so if you don't want them in your game, you don't have to use them. Or do, and go on an unstoppable rampage. I can't tell you how to live your life, I'm not your real dev.

Version 1.2 Melee and Mounted Weapons

-In version 1.2 I tried to fix the FOV on the couple of weapons and some gear I had missed up to this point.
-Now sticks, knives, bats, shovels, paddles, pipes and hoes are out of your mouth. Boomer is the Goodboi Supreme, for sure, doesn't mean you have to act like him. Hands also got an FOV raise so go give him a pet next time you see him. Or just LARP around Montana like you're playing Mirrors Edge. Up to you.
-I set all the throwables, the grenades, C4 and such to 100 FOV but Far Cry wants to fight about it, so they cant be changed.
-Mounted and vehicle machine guns as well as mortars got an FOV raise, You're no longer IN the gun.
-I had raised the fishing rod FOV but imagine having a scrawny bird wrist and bending it 90 degrees in the direction of your thumb. Better we don't see that.
-Realized I missed the M60 used in the escape of Hours of Darkness and addressed it.
-Side note: I don't actually know what special rules the Tazer Spazer form Lost on Mars follows. My stat sheet has it listed as is from the editor but there is no way it actually does 1,280,000 damage per second. I'd Imagine there's a fire rate cap in the engine somewhere and 60,000 was just a high number a dev chose.


-Reduced shotgun spread. Yeah, that's right, no more 3 zip code MOA.
-Raised shotgun slug damage to be in line with the other changes.
-Adjusted buckshot damage. After the spread was reduced from that of a 1600's naval cannon, I didn't just have to wing it any more.
-Made all the shotguns fire the correct number of pellets
-Made some small balance adjustments to a few rifles
-Set up location damage modifiers. No more VIPs surviving headshots.
-Raise weapon FOV while driving. Now you can keep your eyes on the road
-Reviewed FOV and split into a separate file. I tried to pick the highest possible for each gun without showing how janky the animations are.
-The D2 now fires both barrels simultaneously. Curiously, both slugs have the same point of impact, but I tested the damage, it's firing 2.

Suck it past me. You were wrong, I could do most of this stuff. 

Coming up in the future
Figure out what controls slug force so it doesn't yeet bison 30+ feet
Animal headshot info is in the individual file for each animal, for some dumb reason. That's going to take a bit. There's like ~90 of em.
I'll get around to fixing arrow damage, rocket speed, gun prices, NPC accuracy and anything else that draws my ire.

Once again, huge shoutout to the Resistance Mod guys who have helped me learn how to build mod packages.

You can check out the stat sheet for the full list of changes and values here:

There were some limitations and compromises

-VIPs and animals might survive a headshot that they probably shouldn't. This is because I can't change NPC, vehicle or animal health. Should a skunk survive a 5.56? No. Should a skunk have more health than a cultist? Also no. That one's on Ubisoft and I've had to try to strike a balance. Too low and you have vanilla Far Cry, too high and you have Hollywood bullets. If there's ever a mod that increases the the chance of enemies bleeding out or an increased headshot multiplier they would pair PERFECTLY.

-The 12 gauge round in game appears to be an 8 pellet Hornady American Gunner 2-3/4" 12 Gauge Reduced Recoil 00 Buckshot but "enough power to cycle most modern shotguns" is retarded in a Montana full of RPGs, full autos and IEDs, technicals and whatnot. You're gonna have to use your imagination and pretend that the 8 pellet blue hull in game is a 9 pellet and red. The point of this weaker round is accuracy and Ubi didn't give it that so I improvised.

-Some liberty was taken with magazine sizes. If there was already one in game I had to put some number in there even if nobody actually makes one. Conversely, I found aftermarket 50 round mags for the mac 10 and tec 9 but the HUD breaks when pistol mags have more than 40 rounds, so 40 it is.

-The editor can't display a second special ammo so shotgun slugs remain unchanged.

-I rounded barrel lengths. The editor doesn't handle decimals so the Beretta m9 barrel is 5 inches, not 4.921 inches. If the length was 5.3 I rounded to 5.5, etc.

-Mod added weapons like the AJM 9 Blood Dragon and Blood Dragon bow aren't in the editor and I can't change them. For now.


Unzip the .zip files you just downloaded.

Go to wherever you installed your FC5Resistance folder, inside it you will find a folder named "ModifiedFiles" 

Drop "Z Better Ballistics Main File.a3" and optionally the "Z Better Ballistics FOV Mod" into that folder.

If you're upgrading from anything before version 2, now is the time to delete the old "Z My weapons Stats" file.

Open the FC5 Mod Installer 

Make sure you click to enable "Better Ballistics Main File" and "Better Ballistics FOV Mod" if you want those changed too. They're now located in the Gameplay category.

Hit install.

If you have feedback, think I measured something wrong or looked at that google sheet and caught me doing stupidmath somewhere on it, please let me know. I encourage the interaction. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.