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A collection of Edits I made to alter the game to my(or other peoples) demands. Pick any of: Infinite ammo, Bypass enemy downed but not out State, Unbreakable Fishing lines, Instant Fishing, No Recoil, No Bullet spread, No weapon sway, Immortal player vehicle, Magfed Spas12, God Mode

Permissions and credits
These are the currently available edits. You may pick and play with any number of these packages. They are safe to install and remove during a playthrough with no lasting effects:

  • Amount of Ammo - CHEAT
  • Sets every gun and throwable to have infinite ammo. You still have to reload but you wont ever have to stop to buy ammo. Melee and throwing knives not affected

  • Magfed SPAS12
  • Changes the SPAS12 to be magfed instead of single shell reload

  • Bypass downed state
  • Makes all enemies skip the "downed but not out state, if you set their health to 0 they will now skip the bleeding out stage and instantly die. (My personal favourite since it makes stealth runs much less likely to fail because of some guy deciding not to die from a sniper shot to the heart but instead start yelling while bleeding out)

  • Unbreakable Fishing Line
  • Sets all fishing lines to be indestructible so the lines never break. Makes fishing pretty easy/you can't fail

  • Instant Fishing
  • Increases the reeling speed of all Fishing lines. Makes catching the fish pretty much instant upon the fish biting and you starting to reel in the line. This essentially removes the fishing minigame. You can also use it just to do the two fishing missions.

  • Increase Walking speed 2.5x
  • Increases the players speed to 2.5x the normal. Exercise caution when using. Its easy to fall to your death by accidentally running off a ledge

  • Immortal Player vehicle
  • This makes any vehicle you drive almost indestructible. You need to have the auto repair perk unlocked though. Any damage that Instantly destroys your vehicle might still kill you.

  • Increase Inventory Space 100
  • Increases Inventory space to 100 per item.

  • No Recoil
  • Eliminates Recoil from the game.

  • No Sway
  • Eliminates scope sway from the game. You need to have the sway reducing perk unlocked though. But now it will remove sway completelyCombine with No Bullet Spread to always have your shots hit at the Center of the scope

  • No Bullet Spread
  • Eliminates Bullet Spread from the game. Your shots will always land where the gun is aimed

  • God Mode
  • Sets your health so high you are almost invincible. Closest I can do to actual god mode. Fall damage could probably still kill you.

  • Download and install Far Cry 5 Resistance mod by RealArmanIII
  • Download any number of the desired packages 
  • Drop the .a3 files into the "Modified Files" folder in your Resistance mod directory
  • Launch the FC5 Resistance mod
  • Choose the packages you want to install (If you want to specifically find the package you downloaded from me simply enter its name into the search bar)
  • Hit the install button

  • Same as install 4-6 but simply deselect my packages
  • You can then safely delete the packages from the "Modified Files" folder
     None of my mods should have any lasting effect on your game once uninstalled

Credits for Ideas:

Thank you for using my mod and feel free to contact me or comment about any bugs and/or wishes/ideas you might have
  • No Bullet Spread
  • Eliminates Bullet Spread from the game. Your shots will always land where the gun is aimed
  • No Bullet Spread
  • Eliminates Bullet Spread from the game. Your shots will always land where the gun is aimed