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About this mod

Visit Hope County in winter season and enjoy beautiful Montana scenery in snow.

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The Winter is Here!

Visit Hope County in winter season and enjoy beautiful Montana scenery in snow.
All vegetation textures are created with snow texture.
For the best experience you can enable the package "Indian Summer Time" from Resistance Mod which makes the Sun to be in lower height above horizon,
just like in the winter season.

How to install

  1. Download the mod, please download HD only if you have HD Textures Pack installed and enabled, otherwise download non-HD version of the mod.
  2. Only if you don't have it - go to Resistance Mod page and download Mod Installer and unpack it
  3. Unzip downloaded zip and put ModifiedFiles_WinterHope folder to the same directory as Mod Installer
  4. Run FC5ModInstaller.exe and select Winter Hope County package
  5. Install the package using the “Patch the Patch” (“Install”) button.
  6. Play a game.

Known issues

There are just small issues which will be fixed in future updates of the mod.
  • The mod causing little FPS drop (for me about 2), exactly when you are going through a bush, I don't know why.

Development history

This year (2019) I saw many videos and mods for another games which adding winter season, so I decided to try make Hope County in winter too.
During last 4 weeks I searched for all vegetation textures, terrain textures and started to trying edit them and now there is quite usable (and nice looking) winter theme for Far Cry 5. There are still some bugs like NPC is wearing short sleeves, but this can be easily fixed in future updates of the mod.

Some pictures were taken by threedogg120
The mod logo by _krajinkar_

✠ ✠ ✠

If you reading this, then you probably using a PC. You made a smart decision, because PC is the best way how to enjoy this awesome game.