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Some replacer mods to change heads and clothes of the player character.

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What is this mod?
In the Files tab you can find a couple of mods that change heads and clothing items to others. Check below and in the mod package descriptions for some important details regarding some of them.

  • You need Omega set and Flamebearer mask and shirt unlocked. Simply use 'Unlock All' package in Resistance mod.
  • New Dawn items have no physics and shirts sometimes bug transition animations in photo mode (simply letting action finish and reentering fixes this), I have no idea what they look like in coop.
  • New Dawn items need Dependency: New Dawn Detail Textures
  • Pay attention to mod package descriptions!
  • Heads will cause seams between body and head mesh, so wear clothes that hide this.
  • Heads will clip with masks eventually. Iconic NPC ones also clip with hairs, i can't change this atm, sorry. That's why I made hair packages with their real hair meshes (different to ones in the Player Beard and Hair mod!).
  • Many head recolors look very similar because they are texture mods and the mesh stays the same. Ingame you see the difference a bit more.
  • Items that replace Flamebearer mask are incompatible with each other obviously.
  • Jacob's full outfit gets applied by equipping the Omega shirt. Use the Omega pants to hide that slot.

If you want any other heads or clothes from the game let me know and I can probably make them available.

How to get started:
This mod requires theĀ Far Cry 5 Resistance Mod! Just extract the downloaded files into the 'ModifiedFiles' folder when you got it, then activate them. They are in a category called 'Character Appearance'.

Huge Thanks to:
ArmanIII and RtroActiv for Resistance Mod and package creation tutorials
Padme4000 for making me aware the mod got an update