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Hidden at 25 Dec 2021, 10:47PM by Schrotflinte12 for the following reason:
People seem to miss this mod, so I must update it some time in the future. Sometime in 2022 or when it's done.

- Give MBP Jacob Skin reward a proper name, or change the properties to the Lieutnant version.
- Update the store packages. Check if any IDs are duplicates together with P416 and Unreleased Store packages.
- Try to add missing attachments to weapons. Did not work? Check if the arkID in the shop is the same arkID used by the arkID spot in the attachments section.
- Work on the AK-MS_NoStock KillCount, the Warrior Clone, to have its own attachments.
- Maybe add new icons for some skin selection buttons, because they are empty.
- Add some icons for the DLCV Suppressors. Maybe for the russian scopes as well.
- Try to find a way to enable more of the unreleased skins in the shop.
- Combine store packages into one.
- Add AR-C Extended. Can be seen in cutscenes, but is unobtainable by the player.
- Add M133 Bull, 1911 Sandman, AK47 Warrior and AMR to the game.
- Add skins of above weapons and additional URV ND skins to the game. Keep in mind that those skins are not unreleased.
- Maybe add random attachments to the weapon preset. Just because it is cool.
- Remove FOV packages for Jacob's MBP.50 Should be handled by VFM FC5.
- Make it easier to install for the users.