Far Cry 4
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Playable version of Hot dam-Final by memnoch93

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I'm only a player, I can't make nice map of my own.
The map is based on memnoch93's Hot dam-Final.
I only added objects and enemies for gamability.

It's not easy to clear the map,but it was tested over and over again. it's clearable.
Map contains 6-7 stages with different combat style requiring many skills you know in far cry games.
To clear each stage, mostly you need to go to certain point to kill enemies and strategically kill in order
(always attact dog and mortar first).

Who to kill and how to kill are already in the map.
In some points, you will need go back or jump down to use the mortar yourself

I recommend you to preview the map in map editor to plan and find out how to go to the next stage
before you play the map.

Player condition is ;

4 health bar
4 weapon slots
no minimap, no tagging
difficulty hard

Enjoy, and great thanks to memnoch93 for such a outstanding map. good job.