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Bolts & standard Arrows damage increased massively to make hunting fun again (special arrows e.g. Fire not affected)
Projectile speed of bolts and arrows increased and gravity drop reduced. Getting shot with a huge metal spike should kill things.

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If you like or use any of my mods, please visit ScottDog132's channel and give him a view, like or subscribe - Its a good cause and i'd really
appreciate it. He's just a lil guy starting out on Youtube, thanks you are all awesome :)
ScottDog132's Channel of wonders

Bolts and Arrows 5x speed, 1800 damage, no gravity.

The Hurk DLC Harpoon Gun deals 1800 damage, enough to one shot a bear.

This mod emulates the damage output of the Harpoon Gun for those who missed out on the DLC.

Humans have 100 health but some armoured heavies have damage reduction modifiers. Rare animals have higher health some have a few thousand. A Rhino might take up to 3 shots. All humans will die in one shot from the Bow or AutoCross.

The projectile speed is about 5x normal which helps with moving targets and the gravity drop of arrows & bolts is virtually zero.

Made this for myself but decided to share, I bought the DLC once on my console – not buying it again for my PC and I miss the Harpoon Gun tbh, if you've never played it though it's worth getting for the Harpoon which is awesome.

If there's any credit for this mod it belongs entirely to JRavens and his friends for their tireless work and research on this game, the mod is based on their efforts and I read how to make it on their forum. Please pay them a visit.



Copy both files into your Far Cry 4 / data_win32 folder and replace the original files (back them up first if you prefer). To uninstall the mod, copy your originals back in again and overwrite the mods files with your backup copies.