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Sneak or blast your way off the mountains where your helicopter has crashed!

Permissions and credits
Place the .fc4map file in the following directory: 
.../Documents/My Games/Far Cry 4/Download Maps/
../Documents/My Games/Far Cry 4/<weird numbers and letters>/Download Maps
Launch Far Cry 4 and enjoy the map.

Map Info:
"Deep Freeze" by Mattatatta
Extraction Map
Solo and Co-Op balanced
No Minimap
Snow/Mountain area
Limited Starting Gear

There are two enemy camps, and a small checkpoint between them. There are supply caches and weapons to be found where ever enemies are to be found, rewarding players who take risks with better gear. You can perform a stealth run or a guns-blazing one, but know that you'll be challenged no matter what.

I hope you enjoy this map, it is my first one and the result of easily over 30 hours of work and testing.