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Removes various distracting elements from the HUD and first person view such as flashing objects, seeing enemies through walls, etc. Does not make changes to the game play (prices, crafting, etc.)

Permissions and credits
  • Fully compatible with Far Cry 4 version 1.10 official update.
  • No other changes to the default game play mechanics. Visual changes only!
Removes the following:

  • Removes startup logo movies
  • Removes flashing objects (chests, plants, dead bodies, etc)
  • Removes seeing enemies through walls
  • Removes enemies on the minimap
  • Removes Yellow / White objective arrows and pulsing circle around objectives.
  • Removes laser beams from sniper rifles.
  • Adds attachments back to weapons that normally could not accept them (Skorpion, M1911, etc. etc.)
  • Removes annoying constant on screen prompts such as vehicle controls, HOLD E to EXIT vehicle, HOLD R CANCEL ARROW / HOLD R NORMAL ARROW, HOLD F DROP BODY, HOLD Q to HEAL when you are hurt, etc.
  • Changes most keys to just press instead of press and hold.
    Adds the following keys (can all be remapped):
  • INTERACT: Press E to use or pickup items. Press and hold E to use grappling hook.
  • RELOAD: Press RELOAD KEY to reload - press and hold RELOAD to bring up weapon wheel.
  • HEAL: Press HEAL KEY to heal. Press and hold HEAL to bring up syringe wheel.
  • HIDE HUD: Use the L key to hide your HUD completely (total immersion!)
  • Days and nights last about twice as long now (they are really too short in the default game)
  • Improved moon and stars images (textures by Ceano)
  • Improved weapon sightes images (textures by Ceano)

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