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This mod for the latest version of FC4 (1.10.0) contains realistic weapon and ammo data as well as all possible weapon attachments. It will work with 1.10.0 and the Yeti DLC as well as with any savegame.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to the Far Cry 4 Enhanced - Weapons Mod

This Mod is based on the sterling efforts of JRavens who did the groundbreaking work to make modding of FC4 possible. 


  • All guns now have correct names and use the correct ammo. The damage has been computed based on the real ballistic data (Energy of the bullet, modified by barrel length and bullet dimensions - large calibers do poportionally more damage, after penetration) 
  • The ammo system has been totally reworked, and instead of buying Assault rifle bullets, you buy the real thing, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm you name it. Each gun uses the ammo it uses in reality - the Vector .45ACP, the P416 5.56mm, the M-14 and the M-700 7.62, the Z93 12.7mm. 
  • No prompts. All the annoying "Press X to do whatever" have been converted to "." or "*", so you still get a message but it is much smaller.
  • All possible attachments are available now (in FC4 AND in Yeti)
  • Better gunsights (courtesy of Ceano)
  • Open North, you can enter the north before you have done the bridge mission, but there will be a time counter (time set to 100 hours)

My thanks also goes to PJ for getting rid of the prompts in the game, and to Ceano for his beautiful gunsights.

With this mod I am trying to make the weapons as realistic as possible, and if you like it, please endorse it, that gives me more motivation to continue....


Installation Directory: Far Cry 4/data_win32

To be on the save side (the other side from sorry) make a backup of the patch_hd and patch_hd.fat before you unzip the file.

Unzip the main file into your Far Cry 4/data_win32 subdirectory.