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Tired of beating Pagan Min any time of day or night ... Then its time for the Nightmare Mod.

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Welcome to the Far Cry 4 Enhanced - Nightmare Mod

This Mod is based on the sterling efforts of JRavens who did the groundbreaking work to make modding of FC4 possible. 


  • This mod contains all features of JRavens Far cry 4 Enhanced Hardcore Mod 18.1. with high weapon damage, attachments, etc.

These features are in addition:

  • Ammo prices are extremely high. You have to be very careful with your ammo, because the only way to replenish your supply is by scavenging, looting dead soldiers, or hijacking cargo trucks (If anyone would prefer standard ammo prices just tell me, I can add a version with standard prices)
  • All guns now have correct names and use the correct ammo. The damage has been computed based on the real ballistic data (Energy of the bullet, modified by barrel length and bullet dimensions - large calibers do poportionally more damage, after penetration) 
  • The ammo system has been totally revamped, and instead of buying Assault rifle bullets, you buy the real thing, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm you name it. Each gun uses the ammo it uses in reality - the Vector .45ACP, the P416 5.56mm, the M-14 and the M-700 7.62, the Z93 12.7mm. 
  • No crafting or buying of healing syringes. The only way to get your hands on syringes is to collect medpaks, you can neither buy them nor craft them, autocrafting is disabled (but you can still craft all other syringes).
  • No silencers for rifles. Silencers are only available for small arms, e.g. pistols and SMGs. 
  • No M-79 grenade launcher in the stores. It will only be available during quests, you can`t buy it in the store, so if you want to keep it, don't drop it. 
  • Eagles are now a boon as well as a pain in the ass. You will get a huge reward for each black eagle feather you acquire.
  • New shop system. I deleted the mission requirements for all weapons and replaced them by a successor system. In the beginning you find only the cheapest guns of each type in the store. With each gun you buy, the next better one will become available. So if you like (and grind enough) you can get the ACE before the 1st mission is finished, but you have to earn LOTS of money to do that, because you have to buy all other assault rifles before you can get it.  
  • You can carry less equipment. The size of most bags has been reduced drastically.
  • All prices have been multiplied by x5, e.g. the Buzzsaw will now cost 5 Million Rupees.
  • Only "treasure" maps are available in the stores, no other maps available at all.
  • No prompts. All the annoying "Press X to do whatever" have been deleted, you will recieve nearly no prompts in the game (courtesy of PJ)
  • Better gunsights (courtesy of Ceano)
  • Open North, you can enter the north before you have done the bridge mission, but there will be a time counter (time set to 1000 hours)
  • No fast travel. The teleport function to outposts has been disabled, now you have to do all ways by yourself - so take extra care that your Buzzer isn`t shot down. 

To sweeten the pot a bit, the amounts of money you will find in chests and the loot from the Royal Army soldiers, have been raised massively. After all what is a Royal Army grunt going to do with his extorted money but keeping it, or storing it away in chests. 

The idea is to make combat and exploring more rewarding.

My thanks also goes to PJ for getting rid of the prompts in the game, and to Ceano for his beautiful gunsights.

With this mod I am trying to make the game as hard, as the limited access to the code we have gained yet, does allow. 



If you do not know how to reset your game you will find a guide how to do it here:


Installation Directory: Far Cry 4/data_win32

To be on the save side (the other side from sorry) make a backup of the patch_hd and patch_hd.fat before you unzip the file.

Unzip the main file into your Far Cry 4/data_win32 subdirectory. 


NPCs will not move their lips when talking, its annoying but its the price we have to pay for getting rid of the prompts.

You can use this mod with any save, but since the requirements for leveling have been raised drastically, it is possible that you will spend a long time without getting a new skillpoint. XP readouts like 20000/2000 are possible. As soon as the game has caught up with the requirements the counter will return to normal (same for Karma).

It is recommend to start the game with the included new savegame. It will start you in Banapur with no money and no equipment.

If you happen to have any problems, please visit the FC4 modding community at