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I found my entry into the world of computer games many years ago with my used C64, which I got as a gift along with a bunch of games. After a brief excursion into the world of Nintendo game consoles, I ended up with PCs and have stayed with PC games ever since. In the meantime I've also bought a Playstation 4 and now and then I play an exclusive PS4 title from the comfort of my sofa. And over time, the smartphone was added as a gaming platform.


My first contact with my beloved open world RPGs was TES IV: Oblivon, which a friend borrowed to me. What a find! I had never heard of a game with such a large open fantasy world before. Since then, I've been looking for new open-world single player games that offer this freedom, including in character creation.
My modding activity is mostly limited to translating and adapting existing mods to personal preferences. I also use the modding tools to arrange screenshots. Taking screenshots of games is another great passion of mine. Of course, the Elder Scrolls games with their many possibilities are particularly suitable.
I have also been a moderator in the German-speaking "Ei-der-Zeit" (Egg-of-time) Elder Scrolls Forum for many years and I also organized many screenshot competitions there. Unfortunately, the days of small computer game forums seem to be over...
But I don't just play computer games in my free time. I am active in a club and a member of the fan club of a young rock band. Which probably also reflects my taste in music: I like everything that rocks! I also like to go to concerts and festivals, but not too often. I also enjoy (audio) books, and I'm always up for a good film. I also think that nothing beats a game night with classic board games.
Thank you for visiting my profile
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