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Immersive and Interviewed - Canliberk

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We have the privilege of speaking with Canliberk, the curator of our most successful and popular collection. Many of you who mod Skyrim may have already come across his collections which overhaul the world of Skyrim with a comprehensive list of some of the best mods out there. If you love Subnautica, you may like his recently created "Immersive and Immersed" collection.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Canberk Kaygan, a passionate gamer who embarked on the Immersive Collections project to approach modding and collections from a fresh perspective. Instead of merely creating collections and mods, this project aims to design comprehensive experiences. It has been incredibly successful, arguably becoming one of the most prominent collection projects to date.

Around a year ago, I started creating collections and mods with the introduction of the Collections feature on Nexus. Within a relatively short time, my collections gained tremendous popularity, amassing nearly a million total downloads. In fact, they account for nearly half of all collection downloads across all games. Additionally, I founded a Discord server for collection users, which boasts an active community of over 32,000 members. The server serves as a valuable resource hub and hosts exciting events.

These achievements have been both surprising and inspiring to me. Despite not being the most knowledgeable person about mods initially, I realized that passion and discipline can lead to significant changes in a short time frame. To anyone reading this who hasn't delved into modding or creating collections, I encourage you to start somewhere. Remember: nobody knows it all, and there is always room for discovery.

While my professional background lies in marketing and sales, specifically as a product and project manager in the pharmaceutical and FMCG sectors, I've discovered the incredible transferability of skills to the gaming and modding industry. Leveraging my business education, with a specialization in marketing and logistics, I approach modding with a unique perspective. My focus is on enhancing end-user experiences, building recognizable brands, and managing tasks efficiently by leveraging outsourcing when necessary.

Driven by my longstanding passion for the gaming industry, the overwhelming response to my work led me to take a bold step. I made the decision to leave my main job and dedicate myself to further improving my projects, while simultaneously aiming to establish a professional career in the gaming industry. My ultimate dream is to make a lasting impact with a team of dedicated individuals and perhaps attract the attention of game companies through my work at the same time, potentially securing a role in a game company. Who knows, perhaps there's one reading this interview (hint, hint).

How did you first discover the modding scene?

Discovering the modding scene was an exciting journey for me, which began around 10-12 years ago through Nexus Mods. During that time, games like Fallout 3 and Mount & Blade were already moddable, but the real buzz was surrounding the release of The Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim. Back then, the process of installing even a few mods was considered an achievement, especially for individuals like myself, as mod managers were not as advanced or widely used. Manual installation was the primary method. Modding was popular, but it hadn't reached the level of popularity we see today. Social media platforms and websites like YouTube were still in their early stages, and gaming companies were even pursuing legal action against people for uploading gameplay videos. The landscape has drastically changed since then, with the widespread adoption of mods and the ability for millions of people to download and stream them. This demand likely contributed to the development of features like Collections.

For me, modding is both a means to personalize my games according to my preferences and a way to revisit my favourite titles, even years after their initial release. Mods introduce modern developments and quality-of-life features that were not available when the games first launched. I am constantly amazed by the incredible achievements of mod authors, and I hope platforms like Nexus will continue to serve as a hub for such talented individuals in the future.

What made you decide to try out our new Collections feature?

I was motivated to try out the new Collections feature for several reasons. While I initially wanted to handle all aspects of modding myself, I found that my full-time job left me with limited time to keep up with the latest modding practices and actually enjoy playing the game. I often found myself spending more time modding the game than actually playing it, or compromising and settling for a subpar modded experience. I have immense respect for those who invest weeks or even months building their mod lists from scratch, but not everyone has the luxury of dedicating that much time to modding. The Collections feature provided the perfect solution to this challenge.

For these reasons, I see the Collections feature as the next stage in modding. This may sound exaggerated to some, but I truly think of it as comparable to the invention of the printing press. While the concept of installing a pre-made list of mods is not novel, it has never been executed in a manner that enables even the most casual and new players to easily install hundreds of mods, often with just a single click. This new feature, similar to the impact of the printing press on book accessibility, will transform the modding scene and revolutionize how users access mods. The mere idea of being able to install the exact same setup that your favourite YouTuber uses with just a single click is nothing short of amazing.

I genuinely believe that the usage of Collections will exponentially increase in the future, much like the adoption of mods themselves. While the feature is still evolving and not yet fully streamlined, it presents significant opportunities for mod authors, mod users, YouTubers, and all kinds of content creators. It's an exciting time for the modding community, and I'm eager to see how the use of Collections shapes the future of modding.

What was the inspiration for your Immersive collections to begin with?

The inspiration behind my Immersive collections goes beyond the mere convenience of installing mods with a single click. For me, this feature represents an opportunity to design unique and immersive experiences tailored to specific preferences and groups of people. I have always dreamed of creating more than just collections; I wanted to provide a complete package that encompasses the entire modding journey.

When I first started, my collections, such as Immersive & Pure and Immersive & Adult, required users to follow a long set of instructions for certain steps. While it was possible to install and enjoy the collection by following these steps, I recognized the room for improvement. I took note of these extra steps and dedicated myself to finding ways to overcome these obstacles one by one. Through continuous effort and user feedback, I gradually transformed my collections into seamless one-click installations for Nexus Mods premium users, ticking off each box to enhance the user experience.

Another source of inspiration came from observing how community engagement worked for pre-made lists. I wanted to foster a deeper connection between mod authors and users, ensuring that mod authors receive proper recognition for their work. As a curator, I actively engage with the community I have built. One way I achieve this is by inviting mod authors to share their stories in the "Mod-Maker Stories" series, where we delve into their creative process and the ideas behind their mods. By bridging this gap, I aim to create a more vibrant and appreciative modding community. So far, we have invited some great mod authors like Syclonix, the creator of Shadow of Skyrim, and Hylios, the creator of HS interior cell overhaul mods (HS Resources), and we tried to give them the recognition they truly deserve. My goal is to give recognition to all mod authors in my collections with these kinds of projects and fill the gap of personal touch and communication between mod authors and modders that was created by the ease of installation of multiple mods. This is something I truly care about and want to improve because, simply put, our works would be meaningless without the hard work of some truly great mod authors who work tirelessly.

While I have made progress, I recognize that there is always more to learn and improve upon. I am committed to pushing the boundaries of the immersive modding experience and constantly seeking ways to overcome new challenges. My ultimate goal is to provide mod users with unforgettable experiences and to foster a community where mod authors receive the recognition they deserve.

How did you make your various Immersive collections as successful as they became?

I, myself am not the greatest at coding or modelling. There is a lot I do not know about. One thing I know about though is making connections and managing projects. Leveraging these strengths, I have collaborated with over 10 mod authors and more than 20 volunteers to enhance the collection experience.

The key to our success lies in teamwork and scalability. For instance, when encountering a mod that isn't compatible with the rest of the collection, we either develop an in-house patch or reach out to the mod author for collaboration. We tirelessly explore solutions to automate manual setup steps, understanding that most casual users won't create new mods or contact authors for compatibility issues. As a curator, I strive to alleviate this burden for end-users.

One notable example involves the mod "Shadow of Skyrim" by Syclonix. Although it didn't seamlessly integrate with our collections initially, I approached the mod author and explained our goals. Syclonix graciously provided what we needed, making our collection the first to include "Shadow of Skyrim" at that time.

In addition to these factors, several elements contribute to the overall success of a collection. Once the collection is stable enough, ticking the other right boxes is crucial. This entails having a trailer, showcase and installation videos, gameplay videos, streamer partnerships, sources for adding more mods for those who desire, an appealing collection page, an active community for discussions and events, accessible tech support, comprehensive guides and an overarching theme. These positive factors enhance the end-user experience.

Ticking all the right boxes requires a significant amount of time and collaboration. For example, offering 24/7 live technical support alone is unattainable, which is why we have a dedicated team of volunteers who provide speedy assistance unmatched by even AAA game companies. We recognize and reward those who help others, and we hold regular sessions to provide voice and screen-shared support. Through the collections feature, we aim to foster a communal effort in modding.

As I mentioned earlier, teamwork is key and I am fortunate to be surrounded by exceptional people I’ve met on this passionate journey. They have become valuable companions, and without their support, none of this would have been possible. I’d like to acknowledge Mario, our Discord wizard, Geeknasty, our genius, Naxter, our voice of reason, Hynes, our testing manager, Bandit, our community manager, MadmonkAdam, our events manager, Chase, crash log decipherer, Penny, the crafty support Mudcrab, TacOS, the steam deck genius, Aetheos, the best thing that happened to Skyrim since 2011, ChaosAlpha, actually the exact opposite of chaos in the community, Babyblueberry, the voice of compassion and kindliness. I have also received great support from some kind and generous users like Brygo, Wafflez, Wolf, Zogarth, Goload, Leonyx, Vilgoth, Gaming Ocelot, Xero, Whitefox1859, Cubix, Exxodus, Undefined and many more that I am not able to fit here.

Mod authors are of course in the heart of what we do and apart from the people I counted above some of which are also mod authors, we successfully collaborated with some great people like HyliosSykes, TREBoy, MichaelDovah, Syclonix, Nightmarezone and many other mod authors in the past. As I mentioned in the answer to the previous question, I am actively looking for more ways to give recognition to these talented individuals and I am sure in future there will be more skilled mod authors that we can collaborate with.
Overall, our achievements are a result of a collective effort, and I'm grateful for the contributions made by the entire team and the modding community at large.

You have built quite a brand around your collections. Can you tell us more about what you are doing and plan to do in future?

I strongly believe that I was able to establish a strong brand with personality around my Immersive Collections project. One of the recent additions is the new "Immersive & Epic" collection. This massive collection incorporates modern combat animations, lighting and texture enhancements, voiced followers, new quests, new game mechanics and much more. Since its full release a month ago, it has quickly gained popularity and become one of the top collections. The installation process is relatively straightforward and will be further improved to enable one-click installation, catering to modders who always seek the best of the best.

My current portfolio includes the collections listed below, each designed for specific preferences. All are created for Skyrim SE, some requiring Anniversary Edition DLC and others not.

-Immersive & Epic: Realms of Nirn NSFW: The newest addition, targeting users with high-end PCs who desire top-tier mods. It requires the Anniversary Edition DLC and features modern combat animations, an enhanced behaviour engine, popular quest and follower mods, lighting improvements, textures, and adult content (not suitable for work or streaming).

-Immersive & Epic: Realms of Nirn SFW: A streamer-friendly version of the same collection, currently in development and coming soon.

-Immersive & Adult: Most downloaded collection of all time that works both with or without Anniversary Edition DLC. One-click installation for almost 500 mods, 20 GB download size only. The all-in-one collection improves pretty much every aspect of the game and adds tens of hours' worth of additional content to the game. Includes adult content, not suitable for work or streaming.

-Immersive & Pure: Immersive & Adult’s streamer-friendly version for people who do not like nudeness etc. in their game. Works both with or without Anniversary Edition DLC. One-click installation for almost 400 mods, 14 GB download size only.

-Immersive & Adult – For Steam Deck: A collection specifically designed for the Steam Deck platform, along with instructions on how to install a full 400+ mods on this handheld device. This is more of a novelty and was something we wanted to discover more of – we spent many hours and resources making this collection work. Offers almost the same collection experience you have on PC.

While my collections have achieved success, I believe there is still room for improvement and this journey is ongoing. In terms of future plans, I am particularly focused on in-game improvements. Although the collections feature has simplified mod installation, it has also created a gap in terms of guiding users who may be unfamiliar with certain mods. I aim to address this by designing unique starting sequences for my collections, providing better guidance to players as they embark on their modded experiences. The Collections feature will undoubtedly increase the need for mods tailored to collection users.

In addition to Skyrim, I have other projects in mind, including creating collections for popular moddable games. By leveraging the skills and knowledge gained during this journey, I believe I can deliver exceptional experiences in other games as well.

To achieve the best possible outcomes, I acknowledge the need for collaboration and invite mod authors with relevant skills for Skyrim to join me. We welcome modellers, streamers, YouTubers, editors, designers, writers, and coders to become part of our community and contribute to the success of our projects. To any of you reading this, we would love to welcome you to our ranks with open arms.

Thanks for speaking with us. Is there anything else you would like to say to the community?

Thank you for this opportunity to speak with the community. I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge the true heroes behind the collections—the mod authors. Without their talent and creativity, there would be no collections to speak of. I want to express my gratitude to all the mod authors who have contributed their amazing work. Designing well-crafted mods is a challenging task, and I commend each and every one of you for your efforts. You are truly awesome.

In addition to recognizing mod authors, I also want to shed light on the effort and dedication required to create well-built collections. While the Collections feature is becoming more and more user-friendly every single day, designing the overall experience and dealing with some problems are surprisingly challenging endeavours that demand a significant amount of time, effort, and attention to detail. I have poured my heart and soul into this project, evident in the countless hours I've spent answering over 6.000 comments on Nexus Forums every day for more than 400 days without skipping a single day. The community response has been overwhelming, with over 1,700 reviews and literally millions of messages on our server. I salute fellow curators and extend my hand to collaborate on larger projects. It would bring me great joy to foster a community of curators who are willing to support one another. If you aspire to become a curator, I'm more than willing to share my experiences and learnings with you.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the entire Nexus staff, including the dedicated community managers, designers, product managers, developers, and especially Allie the DarkD0g:

Creating new features like these is no small feat, and I am truly grateful for the hard work and effort put in by each and every one of you. You are contributing to something much greater than you may realize. Implementing changes and executing transitions requires courage, and I understand there were likely significant obstacles and tough decisions to overcome. However, the end result has been truly impressive. The Collections feature represents a new era in modding, impacting millions of users, and it seems like it's here to stay. I feel fortunate to have been a part of this transition at the right time and to have been among the early adopters.

Lastly, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to all the modders who have downloaded my collections and embarked on this incredible journey with me. While I believe my collections have achieved a commendable level of technical quality, I recognize that the path hasn't always been smooth, especially during the early stages. I've encountered numerous learning experiences along the way, both in terms of technical skills and personal growth. I anticipate making further mistakes and facing challenges, but I am wholeheartedly committed to rectifying those errors and continuing to evolve, thanks to the invaluable feedback you provide. Creating something with passion demands knowledge, time, and effort while building upon that foundation requires courage and compassion. When I first started, I was an average modder with limited technical expertise compared to esteemed veterans in the community. I had much to learn, including how to gracefully accept technical feedback and develop a more mature mindset. However, both I and my collections have evolved over time through dedication and hard work. I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you for your unwavering support and contributions. In closing, I would like to share a profound gaming quote from the very game I am curating collections for, spoken by the wise Paarthurnax, which acknowledges the value of improvement and overcoming obstacles through hard work and determination: "What is better: to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"

Thank you to Canliberk for speaking to us about himself and his work. Check out his collections and join his Discord to keep up with the latest updates. If you have any suggestions regarding who to interview next, send them all to Happybara.


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  1. canliberk
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    Thank you so much for this opportunity, Nexus team (especially Happybara!). It has been a pleasure!

    I also want to give a big shoutout and express my gratitude to Kiindle, Jack the Sweetroll, Kussie, Agnes, Akou, ZoldFrog, Terra, Docfuz, Linext, and Pervy Rogue. They joined our project after this interview was written, which is why their names are not included here. I want you all to know that I love and appreciate each and every one of you, guys!
  2. jacklockrulz
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    Kinda weird to devote that amount of time to *those* kinda mods. No matter who it is 
    1. thefistybro
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      "guys look at me im not a coomer guuys"
  3. genrukinx1
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    Great Job Canliberk i enjoy the Immersive and adult mod collection its pretty fun glad you made the collection it makes finding some of the best mods easier It also makes me happy to pay for premium cause having the vortex download and install all the mods for you and not having to do anything makes it worth it. Really wish Bethesda would make Elder scrolls 6 soon or at least make some progress on it They make a teaser in 2018 then five years later i hear the game is going to take over 5 more years to make feels like someone's been sleeping on the job lol at least we got mods to enjoy in Skyrim until the time comes the mod collections makes the wait a bit more bearable. Great work to you and everyone else who creates the mods.
  4. GingerbreadSandwich
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    I've dabbled in Skyrim mods off and on through the years, but I had NO IDEA how much you can add and change in the game! It's really incredible the time and effort that goes into these. Thank you for setting up your mod lists and making it so easy to get straight into a new adventure. Awesome stuff
  5. Wookie120
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    I will be truthful and state that the I&A collections moderators are for the most part very fair and helpful.  As always there is one bad apple in a barrel and I won't go any further there.  I am not a yes man type of person and if someone asks for a truthful, sincere post, i do my best to provide it.  Again, let me say that %99 of the moderators are fair and very helpful and my experience has been positive.  Also, i am unashamedly a foot fetish individual.  Sadly in most games/mods foot fetish is left behind at least, and laughed at and kink shamed at worst.  Had it not been for the I&A community I would not have stumbled onto Drago's outstanding works! Drago Foot Animation Add on for Opensex at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)  and another that comes to mind, Place any woman's feet at your face shout at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com).  Again, let me state that overall my experience with I&A Collections in Discord has been overwhelmingly positive and I am most thankful for their help.
  6. araucano2002
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    Impressive work! It opens a myriad of ways to replay the game, and I keep discovering new features every day. Great job Canliberk!
  7. Nanitheshit
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    Great interview! This is easily the best collection I've had the pleasure to use and I really do hope that other curators take it as an example for their own.

    Congrats to everyone who had a hand in it and thank you for your work!
  8. NutnOff
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    I can't read
  9. 2077v2
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    Amazing interview guys. And such an amazing community that im glad to be a part of. 
  10. ricke44654
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    Great interview.  I've been a Skyrim player since the beginning and have been adding mods to it since the challenging old days with Nexus Mod Manager, moving on to MO, then MO2... and had been using it for all my modding since.  This collection got me to give Vortex a try with the promise of doing a one click install for modded Skyrim... I admit I was skeptical, having spent tons of time trying to get my own mod list running without issues.  I also have a wife who loves playing modded Skyrim but isn't interested in learning the sometimes arcane details of getting a stable modded Skyrim running without problems.  The only thing harder than getting your load order running well is trying to do it for two.

    All that to say... this has been a great experience so far for us both!  canliberk and his team have put together a really great set of mods (we use the Immersive & Pure collection) and it's made this nearly 12 year old game feel new again... and stable!  Thanks for taking the time to put such effort into making modded Skyrim a really enjoyable experience.  Give it a try and come to their Discord server to talk about all of the different collections they've put together, and buy them a coffee while you're at it... they truly deserve it!  Best of luck to all of you!
  11. villish
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    Proud to be a supporter of this excellent Collection.  It's a great team that is worthy of support.

    Try the collections!!