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Added: 24/01/2013 - 08:25AM
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Last updated at 8:10, 14 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 8:25, 24 Jan 2013

Final update. Minor Damage tweaks.


What is Legit Far Cry?

LC is a mod intended to be compatible with a first playthrough of FC3. If you felt like FC3 came up short due to its excessive hand holding, strange weapons physics, blinking plants and loot chests, or the last minute crafting system; this mod can fix that for you.

This mod does not enable story based items from the start, wingsuits, second island access etc. This mod makes all non signature weapons available from the start but they'll cost you! This mod will make the game take longer to complete, making the crafting of goods and acquisition of weapons more rewarding. You'll EARN your equipment.

This mod will make the game slightly more difficult. This mod will increase immersion and will not break the story. This mod makes weapons more realistic, while maintaining a video game feel as opposed to a combat simulator.

If you want to increase realism, but are hesitant to download one of the major compilation packs that may make major changes to the menu, interface, HUD, story, etc. this mod may be right for you.

What Legit Far Cry is not:

Legit FC is not a BF3 conversion where your enemies may headshot you from 500m resulting in instant death. Legit Compilation is not an Uber realism mod... such a thing is hardly possible at this time... try to emulate real world ballistics and longer engagement ranges in FC3s engine would require more computing power from a game that already drags most systems to their knees.

LFC is not a complete conversion that enables storyline items or locations from the start... there are already several great mods out there for this. I highly recommend Swartz mod compilation or 30dayS if you want those features.

-What this mod changes-


All weapons have been re-worked by my mod Legit Guns to be more believable, more realistic, but maintain a balance between FUN and absolute realism.

Base accuracy, recoil, damage, range, and damage reduction over distance are more realistic. Every gun has been evaluated by comparison to real world values, changed, and then play tested to keep things fun. (Damage modeling based on a combo of H.I.T.S, The lethality index, and play testing for balance).

Shotguns are now fun to use and more realistic.

Better sights

More attachments available.

Headshots are more likely to result in one shot kills. Limb hits do less damage and are/is variable depending on weapon type.

FAMAS is now full auto, STG90 has been change to 3 round burst.

No auto reload... pay attention.

NPC weapon damage increased in some cases, but not to the same level as the player in higher powered weapons... you are not likely to get killed in a single shot by NPCs.

NPCs may engage you at slightly longer ranges, but not from extreme distance.

AI snipers have no lasers... yeah what the hell were the developers thinking?


All gear require more skins to create. Small packs, holsters, etc. will require several skins of at least two types, large packs, holsters, etc. will require unique skins as well as several others. Crafting gear requires green leaves to make tannin, to tan the hides.

Healing syringes require two leaves.

Implemented Crocodile leather, and Thylacine hide into the crafting system. These are no longer quick sellable and are flagged as crafting items.


Radio towers do not unlock weapons.

All non-signature weapons are available from the start.

Weapons are more costly, especially second island weapons.

Weapon wiki in the store will show an accurate representation of the modded weapon stats.


Includes minor changes from Haoose original hardcore mod.

Uses original minimap, but does not show NPCs, leaves, loot, relics, or vehicles. These items will still be available on the main map if you zoom in, giving you a choice, so as not to break the game for those who buy loot or relic maps from the store. Makes the minimap cleaner and less obtrusive.

No wallhack - No tagging of common NPCs. Commanders are still taggable so it doesn't break the WANTED DEAD missions.

No blinking objects - Plants, loot, and dead NPCs wont flash anymore.

New camera overlay!

This mod DOES NOT remove objective exclamation icon. While sometimes annoying, there are several missions which can become very irritating without this.

Known bugs

The anti wallhack method used is known to occasionally glitch, and may show part of an NPC ( goggles) through a wall if tagged... this will rarely be an issue, you may never notice it. The only other method for anti wallhack will prohibit the tagging of commanders with the camera.

The crafting changes will make the first crafting mission a bit odd, you may not be able to craft the first holster in the tutorial, but get two green leaves, or at least try to craft something and the tutorial will continue... you can still craft the holster later.


Legit Guns, Legit Crafting - Dallin

Ai no snipers - jketiynu

Better sights - khenaz

Clean Camera - Ziggy

More attachments - Leechmonger

minimap mod - Haoose

No Object blink - tom.solo

No wall hack - karmakgb, pandorax357

Dunia compiler - rick/gibbed

Thanks to Fnx for inspiration from the original weapons ballistics mod.