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A LOT of things changed.......

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This is kind of a compilation (HEAVILY MODIFIED) and personal changes I've made to 'nilla. NO .dll edits and DOES NOT break the game on any mission.

**DLC missions not included
**Only DX9 at the moment, crashes with DX11. Will try to fix with v1.2
**v1.2 updates
-New Tribal stealth indicator
-New moon texture
-FIxed DX11 issue (dx11 doesn't like my sharpened images)
-Fixed camera icon legend
-Changed tagging icon color
-Few minor weapon attributes

-Changed main map background
-Set Fog of War areas to 50% less opacity in main map
-Changed Pause menu background to jungle
-Changed Skills icon color to green
-Changed Weapon Wheel attachments to green
-ALL on-screen and in-game message boxes are now set to 50% opacity
-Loading Shark is now a little greener
-ALL buttons and keys are now set to 50% opacity
-ALL ammo and ammo backgrounds are set to 50% opacity
-Unlock wingsuit anytime you wish by playing a Knife Throwing Challenge
-Customized all sniper rifle high-powered scope zoom power and sway
-New carbon-fiber weapon texture
-New RealTree HD weapon texture
-D50's firerate increased
-Increased selling price of animal skins
-Increased loot radius of all animals and NPCs
-Changed looting of NPC animation to that of just grabbing with the left hand real quick. Plants and animal skinning still 'nilla
-Unlocked Weapons + Tribal Knife
-Chinese Knife unlocked after you finish that last mission
-New minimap and new Health and armor bar colors
-Wingsuit is now red instead of yellow
-Sharpened a lot of textures
-Retextured silencer with carbon fiber
-Removed auto-reload
-Reload prompt now on last round only
-Jason now has new outfit
-Increased range of tagging/shooting sniper rifles dramtically
-Head shots KILL!!!!!!!!!!
-Sniper lasers are now greens as well (reduces visibility)
-Quite a few other little changes

Included mod parts from other users (modified)

-PBU npc_textures generic t-shirt (now jungle green) and D50 Silencer (DX11 version uses some of these textures) [inarkin]
-Better sites mod (no modification) [khenaz]
-Swartz mod (XP needed increase, price edits and wallet, loot and ammo capacity) [jketiynu]