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Attachments for a guns, advanced edition, including all possible attachments for all guns. Repainted reticles and new stripe skin are included.

Permissions and credits
Advanced Weapon Mods X - is attempt to adding any possible weapon addon to any possible weapon. Thanks to creator of Dunia2 tools, Rick (Gibbed) - he provided the idea of possibility to do so.

So he was a pioneer. And this is evolution.

Install part:
1. Make backup copy of your patch.dat and patch.fat files in your far cry 3/data_win32 folder and place them somwwhere where you wil be able to restore it if you'd like to.
2. Unpack archive in the game folder (eg place new patch.dat and patch.fat files into the "data_win32" folder)
3. Make both patch.dat and patch.fat read-only via right-click -> properties
4. Enjoy!

Q: What this mod does?
A: It adds mods to weapons (=
But to be more specific:
Silencers - added to every single gun (yes, Desert Eagle, Revolver and miniguns included)
Red dot and holo sight - added to every single gun except sniper rifles
Increased magazine - added to every single gun
Optical sight and ACOG - made it toggleable and added to every single gun except sniper rifles (shotguns are included)
Muzzle breaker (decreasing recoil) - added to every shotgun and minigun

Q: is any other features provided by this mod?
A: yes, a few.
1. I completely removed all aim helpers and shot correcters.
2. Made all shotguns firing a bit more tighter spread
3. Made SPAS12 full auto. It may cause a sound bug somethimes, but nevermind.
4. Added all weapons to the shop
Nothing else changed.