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Visual HUD improvments and fixes and minor gameplay fixes. NPC Tagging & Wallhack enabled.

Permissions and credits
//FC3.Immersed// & //FC3.Immersed.Hardcore//

WTF is this? ... basically just visual/hud improvements for the singleplayer...

I recommend you to only use this mod over the official (1.04) patch provided by ubisoft.
I suggest you to play in offline mode by adding -offline
as startup parameter to your farcry3 desktop shortcut. (dont know how? google it!)
I'm not providing you any .dll or .exe files, since this would exclude users of the cracked version!
So you have to patch the binary files on your own. regardless of what version you using..
In addition, I've included various sound patches, for easy usage via the binary patcher.
I've not removed any pop up boxes, like reload or interaction messages, because I think they are somewhat usefull.
I highly recommend to turn of all the hud elements in the ingame menu.
Read the Installation Instructions below.
Don't play multiplayer with this mod. Enjoy the game!


//Texture Fixes//

- 3 + 1 improved, reticles for the weapons (by khenaz+myself)
- Camouflage pirate outfits in greenish/dark colors (by inakrin)
- new "WANTED" posters + laptop + minor weapon improvements (by inakrin)
- better animal blood texture
- better screen blood texture (by inakrin)

//Hud/Minimap/Camera Fixes//

- removed annoying squares from the camera, kept the center one... (by DrKramshaw+myself)
- removed minimap icons, like collectables, vehicles, and some of the useless ones like poker
- removed objective arrows from the HUD (small arrows when you are not facing towards an objective)
- removed crouch icon (by Tom.Solo)
- transparent minimap, works like a compass now..
- opacity of health and armor bar reduced

//Gameplay Fixes//

- additional keys available for mapping (quicksave/load, menus..)
- "Enter" can be used as action key (both by smashly66)
- no blinking objects (by Tom.Solo)

//Hardcore Version only//

(1.0.3) had to remove "no laser sights" due to visual bugs
- REAL no wallhack! no tagging sound! (by karmakgb+myself)
- no npc tagging with the camera or weapons
- no detection through obstacles (wallhack)
- use syringes to see through walls
- weapons will be holstered after performing a 2-hand action (by Tom.Solo)

- OPTINIONAL FILE: about 2 times slower timescaling

Sound Fixes Only



- Extract the mod archive anywhere you want..
- Extract the next ZIP archive into your farcry 3 directory (overwrite!)
or simply extract anywhere and copy the "data_win32" folder to your game directory (overwrite!)
- copy Update file if needed (timescaling) (overwrite)

- Run the included BinaryPatcher.exe (as administrator!)
Select your FC3.dll (dx9) or FC3_d3d11.dll (dx11) from your "FarCry3/bin" directory

- now select the following PATCHES:

FarCry3_No_Tagging_Sound (Hardcore)
FarCry3_Enchance_to_weapon_Holster (Hardcore)

- finally click the "Patch with selected" box! (a backup will be made)

- congratulations, you are done. PLAY the game![/size]


//Links and additonal Informations//


There are additional sound patches available in the "lib/sounds" directory of the mod folder.
If u want to use them, simply copy them into the "patch" folder, also located in the "lib" one..
Then run the binary patcher and select the sound patches u wish to use!

I wont add any other gameplay or balance fixes, like weapon mods or unlock features.
Don't ask for them. This is a pure visual mod. If u want them added, merge it by yourself.


NPC Textures + others by inakrin

Binary Patcher Tool by Tom.Solo

no npc tagging by karmakgb

AI no lasers by jketiynu

Better sights by khenaz

Key mapping fixes by smashly66

HUD annoyances fixed (camera fixes) by DrKramshaw

FarCry3_Compass_mode by Tom.Solo