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contact me directly on steam if you have any comments or suggestions!
steam name: tehdevilwearsprada

A new format. now I'll be uploading patch files seperately from dlls and tools, since the same dll and toolset is used for every update. this saves time uploading and saves you time downloading as the Supplementary Files are only needed to be downloaded once, until they update.

How to Use Compass Tool
Run the exe matching your DX version for running the game, little blue window pops up and the rest is self explanatory. You can toggle the entire HUD at a button press, get rid of all the interaction prompts that DLL patching can't, like those for the wingsuit, toggle the enhanced weapon holster, and switch between compass and minimap in the Casual version of this Modpack

Check out this link if you want to create a shortcut to launch your far cry 3 and the compass tool at the same time.

How to Install
Extract the bin and data_win32 to your far cry 3 install folder
If you have steam it should be in steam/steamapps/common/far cry 3

How to Use to Use SwissKnife
Start it up, select your DLL, then check the options you want and click the patch button.
Compass 1, 2, and 3 are required if you use the Casual Compilation

How to Use Gibbed's Tools for DLL patching
Open up the tools, make sure the install directories up top are correct.
Select the DLL you want to patch at the bottom of the window
Press the buttons corresponding to what you want to patch.

======Mod Pack Features======
What's New in 3.1?
>updated pirate and privateer skins, thanks to inakrin

>retextured privateer outfit for jason, no more obnoxious yellow stripes thanks to canadacn

>varied enemy and ally weapons thanks to inakrin

>fixed sniper laser strobing bug

> An asi script loader and asi script to use the flashlight hack by tomsolo ingame without having to fuss with cheat engine tables(all in bin folder)
This flashlight is activated using the V key (caution, it crashes the game if you press V before you load a save)

>4 new signature weapons!
-Hand Cannon
a desert eagle that fires rockets instead of bullets
a GM-94 that fire grenades as fast as you can pull the trigger and has magazine loading along with a large clip size, but the catch is that the grenades propel vehicles with a ton of force while not doing damage to them
A PKM that shoots the same explosive rounds that the AMR does, with the same damage
-Heavy Ordinance
An A2000 that fires grenades at full auto. Grenades launch vehicles the same way the Slingshot does, but does more damage than a regular GM-94 grenade

>a surprise function for one of the knives. see if you can find out what it is :) you can PM me if you got it and tell me what i changed with which knife.

>added a new blue dragon knife to go with the red

>removed that old ugly and buggy looking silencer texture

>A new easy version with vanilla crafting, a minimap and compass the leave nothing out, vanilla damage resistance, vanilla movement physics, and vanilla shop prices and toned down prices for my custom signature weapons.

>A new Normal version, vanilla crafting system, tom.solo's compass, no more dying in 3 hits, vanilla movement physics, but no enemies or vehicles marked on the minimap.

>Front takedowns added

>Now included the tools I used to patch the DLLs in case the DLL files I provided cause crashes.

>decreased shotgun spread

>Shop overhauled to match real world prices, attachments are a certain percentage of the gun's cost now. Also three grades of body armor sold, as well as a ton of other syringes in consumables. these are ballpark $500 - 800 so as not to make it too easy to acquire the special effect syringes.

>map fog of war removed

>no more yellow/blue/red areas on your HUD where the minimap should be

>added Greetings to Malmo by tom.solo to allow you to toggle the HUD as get rid of the other interaction prompts, like "press E to commandeer vehicle"

>added hitchecks on you so AI does damage depending on where the hit was (thanks to inakrin for the suggestion)

> Muzzle breaks on every gun, why not right?

>optical and acog sights on all shotguns

>reintegrated inakrin's momentum/inertia mods and tweaked them a little to be more realistic. no more going higher than vanilla movement speed, heavy weapons still slow you down, only sprinting and jumping makes you skid around, harder to change direction mid sprint.

>added two new knives, the flaming silver dragon knife and the shiv

>rebalanced all knives to do the same damage. (used the tanto's damage, one slash of a machete should be enough to take someone down considering how violent the slash is)

>added new signature weapons
The Predator - with the special ULC skin, does heavy damage to animals, arrow travels further than a regular bow, this one is $17,000 (Black paint in shop)

Warrior's Bow - the bow you use in the fight with the giant, turns normal arrows into exploding arrows and propels them very far, for a hefty price of $25,000 (tribal/yellow paint in shop)

Flaming Bow - same deal as the Warrior's Bow except for pyromaniacs, this one makes your normal arrows fire arrows. (red paint in shop)

Dark Breath Flamethrower - breathe fire just like the giant for $18,080. This one has a HUGE tank size, and various other cool effects that I won't spoil.

Type 10 Flare Gun - relocated to signature weapons tab in the shop and raised it's price to around $3,000

>Desert Eagle and the .44 Magnum now have silencers

>All LMGs Have silencers and muzzle breaks available

>All Shotguns have muzzle breaks and silencers

>All Optical and Marksman scopes have a variable zoom feature. 1st setting is no zoom, 2nd setting zooms in, zoom time has been extended so that the screen zooms forward when zooming a scope.

A huge thanks to inakrin for these weapon attachment modifications which i have somewhat tweaked.

>All weapons unlocked at start but you have to pay for them (note: towers will still give pop-ups

saying you unlocked free weapons but you haven't)

>Attachments mod with max attachment slots opened up, shotgun silencers as well!

>Wingsuit unlocked at start

>All crafting recipes unlocked at start except ones unlocked from relics

>All skills unlocked at start, still have to be earned

>2nd island unlocked at start

>All signature weapons unlocked! (still need to purchase)

>Player sprint speed increased by 15%

>Laser beams on enemy sniper rifles have been disabled

>Better Sights mod included

>Dereased XP earned from unlocking a tower to 500 and disabling an alarm increased to 200

>Increased XP needed to reach each level a bit to compensate for all skills being available at


>Slightly increased the radius where you can interact with objects

>Fall-damage radius increased slightly. You'll survive slightly steeper falls.

>No Minimap, transparent HP bar. grey health pack text, no health pack icon

>No crouch icon

>no camera tagging, syringes still work

Player now dies from 3 hits (2 hits brings black/white screen 3 hits = dead) ,bear in mind this

could make some missions unplayable this mod is for people who needs more challenging and

realistic gameplay

>transparent message boxes

>Neverland V2
With this mod , when player unlock an outpost a message ask him if he want to take control of this

outpost ! ! If The player choose "Cancel" Rakyats are coming to defend it but you still in red

zone !! Meaning that you still can make pirates encounters !!.If you click "Ok" , the oupost

behave just like normal , the camp turn into a safehouse fast travel point and you have acces to

automatic shop and memory card ... BUT pirates are no longer spawning . So choose wisely , because

an outpost turned into a safehouse can't be pirate or merc owned again.

-Once an outpost is unlocked ( but still in red area ) , you will recieve 500 xp and 300$.
-FastTravel to outposts in red area is impossible.
-Once you quit the game the outposts that are reds are re-taken by pirates .
-Main mission outposts and safehouses left unmodified.
-Outpost Safehouse in red area remain closed.
-Safehouse missions unlocked without having to take over safehouse

>Alternate main menu (I think it looks much nicer)

>Removed pointless squares on the camera

>No glowing corpses/plants

>No detection arrow

>No reload promt

>Silver Dragon knife unlocked

>no more "(!)" icons

>tribal knife and r700 predator are not removed from inventory upon death

>shop prices scaled up, animal skins worth more money.

>all knives free as trying to give them some sort of unlock criteria results in a glitch.

>went back to the weapon realism system from xjayxb

>removed sight blur and auto reload

Features from inakrin's Poor BastUrd Compilation
Green pirate camos
new hurt/death screen effect
alternate woodland and jungle camos
new wanted posters
new reticles
no more auto reloads
better enemy ai
>enhanced holsters added, put weapons away after actions where the weapon is not out like knifing or swimming. You have to manually take the weapon out again

>added more difficult crafting thanks to karmakgb

>removed hold breath and zoom prompts