Far Cry 3

About this mod

After many years I returned to play farcry 3 which I used some mods but none satisfied me which I decided to create my own inspired in several that I saw on nexus

Permissions and credits
i uploaded this mod quite a few years late, but I would like to highlight this great game. I haven't played it since this title came out and I must point out that it has aged very well, it still retains the essence of a current triple A game, but I wanted to play it with mods this time I tried quite a few but several They had some small errors and others I liked a lot, which I decided to add the best of all those mods that I liked and create something according to what I like. I edited various files, how to NPC, weapon damage, weapon properties, key mapping, etc., one or another change in the respawns, mixing so much that I don't know where I got some files from, but well, the result is good, it already preserves several aspects already known as some modified to another more tactical style of play. making the farcry 3 experience more difficult in regards to the item creation and purchase system and various other changes.

1.- More enemies patrolling
2.- Enemy and animal spawns have been randomly assigned
3.- To make items requires more resources (Craft)
4.- Now the plants serve more and are important
5.- The animal spawns that appear on the map will only be a small reference since they are random spawns, so explore to find ingredients.
6.- Fast weapon change, take items and pick up items faster no longer need to hold the button down
7.- You receive as you give more damage with weapons it is no longer the same to shoot at the head than at a leg
8.- Sniper scopes will look a little further away as well as the fov of weapons has been changed for all (submachine guns and LMGs the fov has been adapted      more nicely but not exaggeratedly so it doesn't look distorted)
9.- Camouflages of weapons, vehicles and different clothes
10.- money will be tight store prices increased slightly
11.- Skills are unlocked but you need to gain experience to get them
12.- Silenced shotguns and many weapons with 3 upgrade slots
13.- You will have the suit to fly from the beginning but if for some reason you do not appear to obtain it, you will only have to play a minigame of poker or target shooting
14.- The flying suit will now open faster
15.- Your character will move slightly faster at first before gaining the speed perk
16.- Slightly reduced the damage taken from falls. He will no longer have wool feet.
17.- The animals will be more aggressive as well as the enemies will chase you to death to face you. small and timid animals will go faster to hide
18.- Aspects changed in some NPC example vass
19.- A classic, the sniper laser is deactivated and its camouflage will be more difficult to see. they have twice the field of vision and detect you from afar
20.- Normal enemies will detect you much better (cautiousness, stealth and be more tactical you should be now, this is not Call of duty gentlemen)
21.- The buggies have been restored as well as the dirt bikes and trucks, Variety of vehicles
22.- Other small changes

The Merged version I want to give credits to Mud's Mod - Ultra HD Texture Pack - v.5.3 for its terrain and vegetation textures, the cube color and HDR that it gives the game is fabulous, to Ziggy's Mod for the great job on the minimap and world map icons very well done.