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Are you tired collecting those collectible ? Then fear not, this "Autoloot ALL Collectible" mod is for you !

Permissions and credits
The Mod is based on latest patch of the game

What the mod does :
  • Autoloot Animals.
  • Autoloot VHS Tapes.
  • Autoloot Television Sets.
  • Autoloot Dr. Carlyle's Notes.
  • Autoloot ALL Collectible by pressing "Insert" button.

The following stuff is given after collecting all of them :
  • Instant 28000 CP *
  • Instant $4700 Currency*
  • Achievement/Trophy/Uplay Award
  • Max Mags Attachment for A.J.M 9 Pistol
  • Laser Rounds Attachment for FAZERTRON Assault Rifle
  • Explosive Rounds Attachment for KOBRACON Sniper Rifle
  • Big OL' Box of Ammo Attachment for KOBRACON Sniper Rifle
  • Double and Quad Barrel Attachment for GALLERIA 1991 Shotgun
  • Extended and Really Hug Mag Attachment for Galleria 1991 Shotgun

Bug/Glitch :
  • Tell me if you find any Bug/Glitch

  • What is the button to Autoloot ALL Collectible again ? Press "Insert" button
  • Is the mod will break my savegame if i remove the mod ? No, it will not break your savegame.
  • I am paranoid if using or removing this mod will break my savegame !? Well, Backup your current savegame then.
  • Can i use this mod even already got some of the collectible ? Yes, you can use this mod, the mod will collect the rest of the collectible.
  • Do i need to create a new savegame / start a new game to able to use this mod ? No, you dont need to create a new savegame / start a new game.
  • Why i got less Currency or CP than from what this mod does ? if you already collected some of the collectible then its normal as the mod will collect the one is not collected.
  • Is the collectible will still saved in my savegame even i remove the mod ? Yes, the collectible still saved in your savegame even you remove the mod, just make sure you save the game after you got the collectible.
  • Why i got instant 28000 CP ? Collecting 1 Television Sets will give you 500 CP and there is 32 of them, also Collecting 1 VHS Tapes will give 1000 CP and there is 12 of them, so you will figure out the total alright.
  • Why i got instant $4700 Currency ? Collecting 1 Television Sets will give you $100 Currency and there is 32 of them, also Collecting 1 Carlyle's Notes will give $150 Currency and there is 10 of them, so you will figure out the total alright.

How to install :
  1. Go to data_win32 folder of your Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon directory, should be kinda like this in directory address 
  2. Your_Directory_Path\Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\data_win32
  3. Backup your patch_chn.dat & patch_chn.fat by copy/cut and paste in somewhere easy for you to find it later.
  4. Copy and Paste the contents inside the archive to data_win32 folder.
  5. If you get ask for Replace / Skip Files, choose Replace the files in the destination.

If you want to revert back to default/vanilla , you can just switch this file (patch_chn.dat & patch_chn.fat) with the original files provided by the game, so backup your current patch file first.