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Skip Looting Animation for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

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Skip Looting Animation 

The mod is based on latest patch of the game

What the mod does is : 

  • Skip Looting Animation (Looting Animal & Looting Corpse's)

Update v1.01 :

  • Better Implementation.........i guess.
  • Player able to looting while running and walking.
  • Fixed Swimming Animation state not sync during looting in the water.
  • Fixed Drawing Weapon Animation state not sync during looting in restricted weapon area.
  • Fixed Holstering Weapon Animation state not sync during looting in restricted weapon area.

Bug's/Glitch'es :

  • Tell me if you find any bug's / glitch'es


  • what's the point of this mod, i thought there are already similar one for this or been done by someone else ? Well, i dont know if someone else done this by same method as mine or not, but let me know if there's one, so i can ....................

  • is this safe for my savegame or i dont need to start a new game & new savegame for using this mod ? Should be safe, but if you are paranoid enough, just backup your savegame first

  • dude, the default looting animation seem already fast enough, why you doing this ? i don't know, just feel like want to do it

  • Ey this mod description same as the other mod you have !? yes it is

How to install :

  1. Go to data_win32 folder of your Far Cry 3  Blood Dragon directory, should be kinda like this in directory address , Your_Directory\Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\data_win32
  2. Backup your patch_chn.dat & patch_chn.fat by copy/cut and paste in somewhere easy for you to find it later
  3. Copy and Paste the contents in archive to data_win32 folder
  4. If you get ask for Replace / Skip Files, choose Replace the files in the destination

If you want to revert back to default / vanilla , you can just switch this file (patch_chn.dat & patch_chn.fat) with the original files provided by the game, so backup your current files first