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Removes the loud electronic humming noise that plays during most in-game menus.

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When in most types of in-game menus (map, handbook, pause screen, shop, etc.), the game plays an insanely loud bass-heavy electronic hum that can get very annoying very quickly. There are no built-in methods of disabling this... outside of turning off in-game music entirely.

This is a patch that must be applied to the main DLL (FC3.dll / FC3_d3d11.dll), which disables the game's ability to produce these noises. This shouldn't conflict with any other mods that only make changes to .dat/.fat. files. Also, the changes made are simple enough that other mods that change the DLLs may still work when this is applied on top of them.


  1. Download and extract the patcher program TriggersTools.FarCry3.SilentMenuPatcher.exe.
  2. Individually drag FC3.dll -then- FC3_d3d11.dll onto the program. This will replace each DLL file with the modified version, and create a backup with _orig added to the end of the file name.

The DLL file can be found in: <FC3 INSTALL FOLDER>/bin/
For example: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Far Cry 3/bin/FC3.dll

Note: It doesn't matter where the patcher is extracted to.
Note: If you only use DirectX9 -or- DirectX11 in the video options, then only one of the DLLs respectively needs to be patched.


This should work with any version of FarCry3 on PC. Tests were done with the latest release of the game (as of 2022-04-11), but the solution was originally posted in December 2012, meaning any version of the game within that range should be fine.



Note: The patcher release provided on Nexus Mods is the -full version that includes the self-contained .NET 5 Runtime.


This solution was provided by koorashi in this reddit post from December 2012 (web archived link).