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Disables Recoil and Sway for the weapons / Hides Collectables, Relics, Memory cards, Letters and Leaves from the mini map and the world map.

Permissions and credits
How to install the a3 packages:
Download the mod installer for Far Cry 3
Put the packages in the specified folder
Run the mod installer!

patch.zip :
This mod contains the said changes above (Mostly, at least) plus several other modifications:
-New Game Plus by Venom Box
-Fast Loot by rgrauer/stillmatic07 (does not include Leaf animations)
-Increased Loot and Wallet Capacity (to 176 and 50000)
-More forgiving crafting requirements for Syringes
-Quick Sell animall skins, and sell rare animal skins
-Better Reflex Sight (taken from khenaz's Better Sights)
-Shotgun Efficiency by Dallin (Does not change the attachments)
-Increased Pistol range
-Changed the sights for Shredder and Bushman (to Reflex sight and Red Dot sight)

Edit: Note that this mod causes 2 major bugs in your new save files. One of them is extremely accurate hip file and the other is getting hard locked and unable to progress on the mission "doppelganger". As of now (19th of August, 2022) this is confirmed to happen due to the outdated integration of new game +. However, this mod is safe to use on older save files.

How to install patch.dat and patch.fat :
Exract the zip file in data_win32 and replace the old files.

If you encountered any issues, let me know.