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Unlocks all abilities, all weapons and most of the attachments untill the first outpost is liberated.

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Changes include:
-Viable Pistol: the pistol is now an actual viable option. It now fires single shots instead of triple bursts. However, each shot deals more damage, and enemies can be headshotted with a single bullet (not the heavies or dragons). Spread reduced (so the red dot on the screen actually shows where the bullet hits), iron sight recoil and sway removed, and range increased.
-Reflex sight on bow: the bow now has the famous reflex sight attachment pre-equiped from the beginning.
-Sway removed for the assault rifle and the bow.
-Viable shotgun: the shotgun now has an slightly increased range and tighter spread.
-All weapons unlocked and owned after completing mission 2 (first outpost) which includes bow, minigun, flamethrower and the KillStar.
-All attachments that are unlocked by completing side missions are unlocked after completing mission 2. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to unlock the attachments that require a number of collectibles. This is why this mod is still Work In Progress. (but I'm pretty satisfied with it which is why it will probably remain WIP unless I somehow figure out how to unlock all attachments).
-Attachments now cost 100$ each (instead of the enormous amount they previously had. So you can buy all of them pretty easily.)
-Level requirement reduced to 1450XP for level 30, which means you'll unlock all abilities during the tutorial. (prepare for level up music playing over and over for a few seconds in the beginning of the game.)

_How to install_
1-Back up common.fat and common.dat in BloodDragon/data_win32/
2-Extract the mod in /data_win32/ and replace common.dat and common.fat

Enjoy this fantastic game!!!