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Replaces the first person model of Jason Brody with that of Rex Colt.

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Tired of playing as Dudebro McSpraytan in your island trotting adventures, perhaps longing for the explosion filled badassary of the distant future of 2007?
Then it's time to slip into the leather clad cyber-bod of the legendary Sgt. Rex Power Colt from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon once again.

Okay so a few details:

-This replaces the first person model of Jason Brody with that of Rex Colt ONLY. The third person model for Jason will still appear in all the weird trippy vision scenes where you see him, and I'm not sure if a third person model for Rex even exists to replace it.

-This mod is not quite finished but is about 98% of the way there, the model is almost perfectly implemented (the arm lights even move! :O) except for the kneepads. They are untextured and will appear as a matte black. 

-Sadly, this won't change the reload, healing or any other animations either, so no cool flips, twirls, or middle fingers.

I'll work on adding all these things eventually, (along with as many of Rex's one-liners as I can) but don't hold your breath.