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Two tasks are between you and 100% this classic game

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If you don't have the patience to get those last 60 relics I don't blame you this save file is here to help.

you have two things to do
unlock the last two skills - you have over 100+ skill points
get the last relic on the island in the photos
getting the loot boxes does not need to be done to get 100% of the game, it's up to you to get them

both islands are liberated (you can reset this in the options menu when you pause the game)
you have close to a million dollars
you have full ammo on all the guns. 1000 rockets and 9999 bullets in the other guns
every recipe is unlocked
every skill can be obtained
every gun has been unlocked
everything has been crafted so no hunting sharks with bow and arrows or bears with machetes
every story and side quest are done

How to install this is in the zip file folder, this was done on the ubisoft Uplay version. However I'm sure if there are other versions this should work too as this is the second Ubisoft game I've played since high school.