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A simple Rehsade preset for FC3 to make it look less like a cartoon and more "realistic", "sharpened" and dusty

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This is a reshade preset, you need to install reshade before using it.

Installing reshade:

1. Got to download the file.

2. Open the reshade.exe

3. Click "select game"

4. Go to your Far cry 3 Bin directory and open the farcry3.exe (C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Far Cry 3\bin)

5. Select Direct3D 9 if you play your game with Direct3D9 otherwise select Direct3D 10+

6. The program will ask you if you want to download a collection of standard effect, click "yes"

7. Let the program download the files

8. A new window pop up, just verify that all effects are selected and click "Ok"

9. Reshade is now installed for your game you can close the program

Installing the reshade preset file (simple reshade.ini):

Cut/copy and paste the "Simple reshade.ini" file in your Far cry 3 Bin directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Far Cry 3\bin). Now, everything is completly installed.

For the first start after instalation, running the game with reshade and load the preset :

1. When you start the game, reshade overlay appear automaticly and load all effect (Take few seconds) and disapear.

2. When all effect are loaded press shift+F2 to open again the reshade overlay. A small tutorial start, just go through it until the new preset creation step (when it ask to press the "+" button). Instead of adding a new preset, just load the "Simple reshade.ini" preset file by opening the drop down list next to the "+" button and selecting it.

3. Finish the tutorial, you should be in the "home" tab, if not, click on it. Then hit the reload button at the bottom of the reshade overlay window and let reshade applying the preset.

4. Go to the the "settings" tab and verify that the "usage mode" is set on performance mode. In this tab you can also setup the keys you want to open reshade overlay and the one you want to toggle on/off the effects.

After doing this, reshade will memorize the selected preset as default preset, load it automaticly and toggle effect on when starting the game.

That's all ! I hope you will enjoy it :)