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BEFORE installing, backup or rename the original patch.dat and patch.fat files found at (FC3 install location)\data_win32.
Installing: Drag the patch.dat and patch.fat from this ZIP file to the (FC3 install location)\data_win32 folder, overwrite original files if prompted.

For optimal experience:
* Start a new game. I've sadly not gotten around to testing modded functionality on an already existing save. Theoratically it should work though. Theoratically.
* Disable most of the in-game HUD, especially enemy tagging and detection meters.
* Play without signature weapons. I've deliberately kept them intact so as to give you an "I win!" weapon if you need it, but it's basically cheating.

Changes introduced by this mod:
* Weapon, medkit and armor prices in general shops have all been doubled.
* Ammo prices have been multiplied by 10. The new price is hardly worth it, so consider scavenging for ammo instead.
* Completely removed ammo drops from enemies. Looting bodies or walking over dropped weapons will no longer net any ammo. Ammo pickups throughout the world, including loose grenades or molotovs, haven't been altered.
* Almost every non-signature weapon now handles 50% worse. This includes reload speed, recoil and draw/holster speed.
* Weapons no longer automatically reload at the end of a clip.
* Signature weapons (and version-exclusive bonuses) have been deliberately left unchanged to function as "cheat weapons", should you wish to use them.
* Minimap no longer includes a radar that displays enemies, chests, plants, etc.
* Multiplayer weapons have not been altered just in case, though I'd still highly recommend NOT playing multiplayer with this mod (or any mod for that matter) installed.