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Increased statistics for weapons, loot and health.

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Mod Features:

1. Tripled the amount of ammo when the ammo is loaded for all the weapons against vanilla values.
    e.g Handgun ammo is raised from 24 to 72
        Assualt rifle ammo is raised from 60 to 180
        Bow arrow loading is raised from 10 to 30

2. Weapon statistics is increased from the vanilla values.
   e.g Assualt rifles default values for accuracy, damage, fire rate and range is increased
       Shotguns accuracy and range is more than the vanilla ones
       Signature weapons are more powerful than vanilla ones
       Bow is more powerful than all the weapons

3. All crafting recipes for plants are unlocked after completing the basic mission provided by denis and liberating the first outpost in Amanaki village where you are given the task of talking Dr. Earnhardt.

4. Following are the gear statistics changed from default vanilla values.

a. Arrow quiver can hold 300,10 arrows instead of 30,10. So no need to worry for the arrow wastes and remember Bow is the most powerful weapon in this mod and a silent and one hit killshot for enemies (except animals which is due to in game settings). 

b. Explosive satchel pouch can carry 32, 32 ammo.

c. Loot pouch can carry 320 loot items instead of 96 items. So no more worry for emptying your loot items.

d. Rocket pouch can carry 32,64 ammos.

e. Syringe Pouch can carry 250 syringes at once. So no more worrying of health levels or other crafting gears accomodation than the vanilla pouch limited to 12 syringes.

f. Throwables satchel can carry 60, 60 ammos than default value of 12, 12.

g. Wallets can carry max of 1M (1000K) which is limited to 10k in vanilla.

h. Ammo Pouch can carry 192 pistol bullets, 400 SMG bullets, 120 shotgun bullets, 600 Assault rifle bullets, 50 sniper rifle bullets, 900 LMG bullets and 30 flares. 

i. Potion duration is increased from 0.25 to 0.75.

j. Sprint speed is increased from 0.067 to 0.67. That means very fast sprinting.
k. Swim speed is increased from 0.25 to 0.75. That meanse very fast swimming.

l. Hold breadth increased from 0.5 to  1.5. That means you can hold the breadth for longer duration.

m. Falling damage has been increased from 0.25 to 0.75. That means falling damage impact from mountains or buildings is much lower. 

n. Armor damage resistance is increased from 0.5 to 0.85. So more resistance from the armor.

o. Explosion damage resistance is increased from 0.5 to 0.85.

p. Vehicle health increased from 0.5 to 0.85.

q. Silent run and walking is increased from 0.25 to 0.75. That means you can move silently even at the near distance.

r. Health regeneration rate is increased from 0.7 to 0.9.

s. extra damage to animals increased from 0.5 to 0.8

5. All the shopping items, maps value has been increased to 10x. All Weapons (including signature weapons) and ammos are more expensive and value is increased to 100x than vanilla to make gameplay smoother as per this mod and utilizing all the money found in this game. So selling and buying is more fun. Killing leopards will fetch you 10K and sumatran tigers will fetch 12K which is highest money reward for selling the items in this mod. So hunting will is more fun.

6. 10x value of items and money from rebellions, mercenaries and civilians and all over the places lying around in the world.

7. Only 1911 handgun price is not changed due to denis mission which is the start of the game. Hence 1911 handgun is the cheapest of all in this mod and Bow is the most expensive weapon in this mod as its statistics is the highest of all.

8. In game you receive only 6 health slots by using all the skill. But by this mod you can have total of 10 health slots.  Similarly med kit will restore 8 health slots in one stretch by using this mod. However using syringe will restore only 6 health slots. Sometimes it does restore 8 health slots and I could not figure out the ingame bug. May be in next patch I may figure it out. 

9. All the skills are unlocked in the game after finishing the Denis mission quest for liberationg the first outpost.

10. Crafting recipes for hunting are not required as all are unlocked. You play the hunting quest just for fun.


This compilation is focused for making the game fun and easier handling of weapons and items. If played on master mode, believe me it will be definitely more satisfying. This mod can only be used for single player and new game is required to play. Mods may break while playing multiplayer or co-operative mode. The mission starts directly from amanaki village. Please do remember that even the enemies will also have the same weapons statistics against the player.

Installation Instructions:

1. Make backup copy of your patch.dat and patch.fat files in your ../far cry 3/data_win32 folder and place them somewhere where you wil be able to restore it if you'd like to.

2. Unpack archive in the game folder (eg place new patch.dat and patch.fat files into the "data_win32" folder).


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