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Added: 11/09/2016 - 04:20PM
Updated: 11/09/2016 - 04:20PM

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Last updated at 16:20, 11 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 16:20, 11 Sep 2016

The Viewmodel was designed by me and the other was designed by a couple artists, but it is still not fully mine, all I did was modify the current mod and change the Viewmodel. 

All this mod does is add attachments to Weapons that didn't support it, like: AK-47, M1911, SVD, etc; and make them compatible with any modification you desire. Some weapons do not have all the mods added but it still gets the job done by adding some of your favourite attachments on your favourite weapons. 
This mod also features a Custom Sights, meaning its easier to see your target without those bright Cursors that were in the original FC3 files. 

I am not responsible for anybodies files to become corrupt. !!!!!BACKUP ORIGINAL FILES!!!!!

This mod has been tested for a long time and doesn't have any crashes. But still, read the above text.

This does not effect Gameplay and or Story

Mod at own risk.