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Destruction derby finally made it to Far Cry! So its time to hop in that buggy and do some real damage. Don't stop and take a breath though, cause those little buggers will hunt ya down. 

I've included two different varieties of destruction derby: one is derby in a bowl with RPG men, machine gunners, traps, ramps, and molotov wielding drunks.

To Play:
1) Spawn at any of the multiplayer figures within or outside of the garage.  The color of the figures indicate the difficult of destruction derby with that vehicle.  Blue = rookie, blue/white = semi-pro, white = pro, white/red = veteran, and red = expert.
2) Hop in your vehicle and do one loop around the bowl or circle to get the enemies in their buggies.

To Install:
1) Extract RAR file to access maps.
2) Place map files in Documents/My Games/Far Cry 3/user maps
3) Start up Far Cry 3 editor and open either Destruction Derby or Destruction Derby Knockout 
4) Spawn with Ctrl G and Enjoy