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Far Cry 3 original weapons are still available in Blood Dragon's common-dat

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Disclaimer: So i found that there's a way to get the AK-47 in Blood Dragon by importing FC3's common.dat into Blood Dragon's common.dat, that will change the textures and stuff in Blood Dragon, REMEMBER MAKING A BACKUP OF YOUR BLOOD DRAGON'S COMMON.DAT!  it will enable all FC3 weapons except the P416, ACE, Z93, SPAS-12, D50, MKG, two SMGs and the majority of signature weapons, and what's even better, you can still buy paintings for your weapons, so after that it will autosave then close the game and import again your Blood Dragon's common.dat backup, and after that, you get the results in the image and it's in 1080p. Warning: This will only work after liberating the first garrison, this will affect your ammo limit and your savegame, you likely better make a save backup, so use at own risk!