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FC4 Ultra Low Configuration Mod

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    This is in reply to the statement with FC4 Ultra Low Configuration Mod PICTURE (located in FC3 pictures) where the author Kristoferen asks if there is interest in his idea for a fast playing low res mod.

    I can only imagine the boundless uses this could find, Kristoferen, were it possible.It could be historical. You have quite an idea here, possibly may want to copywrite it somehow, and quickly, if it were me. I don't want to give you alarm, but this could be real big.

    The only setback limitation would be if the limits are imposed ironclad about not being able to play with a dual core setup, or even a single for that matter, like a fast P4. I don't know if that is a recommendation or a actual hardware exclusion that won't allow the game to be played or attempted to be played with a lower than the limit cpu and gpu combo, be it a desktop or laptop.

    IF you can overcome that limitation, if it exists, that is, you have a super potential here for a great deal of interest from a LOT of people and investors. The guy on lunch break itching to play a little bit of FC4 at the office on his dual core 4 Gig RAM 2.1Ghz 720P laptop, or a kid at home watching the great videos of FC4 circulating on the web and growing tired of even the great mods for FC3 by DZiggy and others, (tho he will have a chance for replenishing his library soon with some nice mods and updates coming up from Ziggy).

    Anyone on a budget system they just cannot upgrade at this time, due to finances. I was in the same boat many times, no fun to know there are games that you can't play. I think your idea will be like the Colt .45 in making men equal, heh, might be stretching things a bit....

    Anyhoo, investigate that aspect, I would advise, can a guy with a system deemed unplayable for FC4 actually not be able to use the game, or is it just a recommendation to not even try? And possibly overcoming that somehow legally. Thanks for thinking of us.