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Makes rocks drop common items.

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You get a random common weapon or outfit when you destroy a rock.
The mod ID is: "rock_loot" (for enabling and disabling).

  1. Download the FSLoader mod installer tool from my other mod, the file is called "Mod installer", you can find it here.
  2. Download the "RockLoot" file from this mod.
  3. Unzip the RockLoot zip.
  4. Start the installer and follow the steps.
  5. When the installer requires a mod use the "RockLoot.dll".

  1. Goto the installation folder of FalloutShelter.
  2. Goto "FalloutShelter_Data" then "Mods".
  3. Delete the RockLoot.dll.

Note: This mod (should) work with other FSLoader based mods (for example my ModPack). If you are using my ModPack it doesn't matter if you use the preinstalled version or you installed it yourself the installation for this mod is still the same.

Source code: https://github.com/robot9706/FSSE/tree/gh-pages/Mods/RockLoot