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Replaces the 'Classical' radio channel's music with all-new music and ads from the 1950's!

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Dive into the Classics of 1950s Radio

Replaces the Classical Radio songs with new music, ads, and newsreels from the 1950's!

Compatible with More Where That Came From v3.2! That affects Appalachia Radio channel, this affects Classical Radio channel!

How does it work?

Think of this as a re-texture, but for audio. I swapped out the original audio files for new ones. Now, on the Classical Radio channel, instead of hearing Claude de Bussy's Prélude àl'après-midi d'un faune-iles, you'll hearThat's Amore. If you and your friend have this installed, you'll both hear the same modded song at the same time!

This mod has MORE songs than the default Classical Radio! How, you ask? Well, because for many songs I jam-packed 2 or more new ones into the same track! For instance, the original 11-minute 'Orpheus Symphonic' is replaced by four songs. There's even some ads mixed in with certain tracks. Talk about American ingenuity!

Tips and Patronage are appreciated. Support goes right into making more mods!


You will have no problem using this alongside any other radio mod, so long as that one doesn't affect the Classical Radio channel. You can have both this and More Where That Came From (version 3.2) active! However, bear in mind that mod does plan to eventually overwrite Classical Radio at an undetermined future date.
If ever in doubt, run both mods and load Rad World Radio last! You'll never get a crash from a mod like this.

Song List
All the songs are taken from 1950s records, provided by Archive.org archivists. I also mixed in vintage commercials (typically between late 1940s and 1950s) from Archive.org.
Most tracks are digitized from a shellac record, which I think you'll find sounds neat. There is crackling on the audio, which came from their digitization process.

If you want to hear any of these, just copy the text into a Google search and it should bring you right to the Archive.org page.
Sourced from Archive.org

Music You May Know
  • Johnny Guitar by Peggy Lee; VICTOR YOUNG And His Singing Strings
  • That Old Black Magic by Sammy Davis, Jr.; Johnny Mercer; Harold Arlen; Morty Stevens
  • STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER by Dennis Day and Freddy Martin and his Orchestra; The Martin Men; Bob Russell; John Philip Sousa
  • Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar by Gary Crosby and Sammy Davis, Jr.; Morty Stevens; Don Raye; Hughie Prince; Eleanore Sheehy;
  • Anyway You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) by Elvis Presley; Aaron Schroeder; Cliff Owens

Non-Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music
  • Hindustan by Supersonic Guitars, Billy Mure
  • Guitars In Space by Supersonic Guitars, Billy Mure
  • Starvation by Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats; C. Newborn
  • New Guitar Boogie Shuffle by The Super-Sonics; Arthur Smith
  • Mambo From Mars by Alfredito and His Orchestra; Escobar; Lang
  • Head Hunter, from The Savage and The Sensuous Bongos by Don Ralke Orchestra
  • Flying Disc by George Favors


  • Atomic City, USA, CBS Radio 1950-02-25
  • The Battle for Iwo Jima Anniversary Tribute 1955-02-xx

How'd you do it?

I'd love to share how to do this so that we can have more radio mods coming from our community.
Bear in mind, it is not easy, and requires familiarity with modding tools! But where there's a will, there's a way.
If you want a time estimate, I would say it takes about 30 hours to make a mod like this. 20 hours between Excel and Archive.org, 8 hours in Audacity, and 2 hours to work the .xwv conversions and .bsa2 packing. Yes, it is largely a labor of organization to get this done, rather than direct editing. Your time will be composed of fitting songs into time blocks, and tweaking the timing in Audacity to get it just right.

Table Original 'Classical Radio' Songs and Song Lengths (.csv formatted)

Detailed Walkthrough of my method

Closing Remarks

I hope you enjoy! This is a mod I made not only because I saw a demand, but also because I just wanted to hear some better radio without an announcer!
If you ever want to peruse Archive.org's fantastic collection, I highly recommend! There are some real gems that open up more of what made the American 1950's such a desperate, but idealistic time. For instance, did you know there was an obsession with Polka music? Now you know!
Here's one of the sources for vintage radio ads:

Here's my Archive.org query, which you can use to dig through the same songs I did! It will contain all of Archive.org's songs from the 1950's: