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Multi-featured sorting and tagging mod that makes inventory management a breeze. Now includes optional icon variant! KKS is designed to facilitate better game play by helping you spend less time staring at your Pip-Boy figuring out encumbrance and more time doing productive and fun things. Many, many QOL features that any player will find useful!

Permissions and credits
New*  [KKSIcons]
     All the mod features as listed below plus extras, but with icons. In fact, if you run with the text version for awhile before switching, the icons setup should feel very intuitive, save a few differences. Icons add an incredible amount of utility in purveying information and keeping things looking tidy. The icons variant of this mod is standalone, you do not need to install the text version or any part of. KKS Icons is not as easy to install as the regular text version but don't let that scare you off from giving it a try! Lots of examples of how the mod looks in game in the gallery! I am considering this re-release as a version 1, I have checked it thoroughly for any problems but it is always possible to miss something so I look forward to your feedback regarding icons, sorting, weird bugs, you name it. I'll try to be responsive as I can on any issues, I do have a family and a full time job so just be patient with me if your experiencing anything and have posted seeking assistance.

    Installation Requirements for KKSICONS (SKIP DOWN IF JUST USING TEXT VERSION)
xTranslator by McGuffin Link: xTranslator Please endorse his work! Without McGuffin sorting mods would not exist!
English Fallout 76 Client (sorry I have not adapted my work to other languages)
Read all instructions

     Installation Steps
1.Download xTranslator from the link above.
2.Extract xTranslator to a preferred location.
3.Double-click on xTranslator.exe
4.Select Fallout 76 in the next window.
5.Set Options and Languages Menu will appear. Set both the Source and Destination Language to en. Make sure the \data and \strings directories listed are correct for your installation type Steam/Beth or Game pass. Press OK
6.Leave xTranslator open in this state.
7. Download KKSIcons and extract. Copy the interface and strings folder to your games \Data folder.
8. Return to xTranslator and in the top menu bar select 'Wizards' ----> Header Wizard
9.Verify your game path once more and language is set to en. Skip steps 3/4/5. Step 6 allows us to create a backup of our interface .ba2. I highly recommend you go ahead and do that by pressing Create ba2 backup. This is handy if anything goes wrong with injection or if you need a stock interface.ba2 for playing Nuclear Winter.
10. Click Patch Game Files. This will take the files in the interface folder you pasted into \Data and inject them into the games interface.ba2. At this point installation is complete and you can close out xTranslator.

KKS Notes/Extras

I am providing the mod in a strings folder + interface setup to make installation as easy as possible for most users. I will upload the KKSIcons.xml which will allow users to do their own maintenance updates over patches and make tweaks should they know how to work in xTranslator.

You can set these values under [Display] to multiples of 2 of the original values in your Fallout76Prefs.ini for a clearer, better looking Pip-Boy experience.
These are the recommended values for 1080p
I also forgot to employ this tweak in my own screenshots....facepalm*.

My screen shots are in green, but the lighter colors like yellow or white tend to look best.

If you would like to run the game with a lighter font as compared to the tons of roboto condensed bold that is default, you can modify fontconfig_en.txt
You need to do this BEFORE step 10 of the instructions, as any changes in the loose interface folder in your game directory will not have any effect unless you patch game files. That being said, map "$MAIN_Font_Bold" = "Roboto Condensed" Normal will give your game a much finer look to text overall.
KKS Features (Text Version)
Completely Optimized overhaul of inventory UI
 Categorical item groupings

 Buff Food Tagging ex, [STR3] [INT3] [RR30] ETC
 Event Items Sorting
 Scrap Sorting and Component Tags
 Ammo Sorting by Type
 MISC Tab Optimization
 Easy Flux Identification
 Pioneer Scout Quest Easy Exams - look for the *
 String Optimization - Text redundancies removed and text order changes to preserve categorical item groupings
 Improved Perk Card Sorting
 Detailed Perk Card Descriptions - always open to feedback about these, things change in an online game so let me know if we need to review a particular perk card for accuracy.
 Many, many smaller QOL changes to various strings.

Feedback is always welcome here! If you have ideas, questions, comments of any kind please leave them. I try to respond to everybody in a timely fashion!

Download the File
Extract the File
Place contents of extracted file into

Steam Users: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout76/Data
BethNet: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\Fallout76/Data

Your drive letter may be different depending on your system configuration.
I personally load all games on a separate SSD from my OS drive so I use D:\

Delete Strings Folder, Restart Game