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Pip-BoyA (Mappalachia for Web) is a program that displays a map of Appalachia.
This is its desktop application version.

Compatible with all languages.

Permissions and credits
Pip-BoyA a.k.a. Mappalachia for Electron.

Pip-BoyA (Pip-Boy Application) is a program that displays a map of Appalachia.

Fully compatible with Japanese and English.
German, Italian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese support the user interface and location markers. 
Korean is only compatible with the user interface.

Since the minimum functions have been completed, it will be released as an alpha version.

Web version is here. (iOS and Safari versions 14 or later are required.)


  • Multilingual
  • Location markerSwitch between regular maps and simplified military maps
  • Link from location marker to glossary site
  • You can copy the map image by right clicking
  • Function to generate links to coordinates (transit to fo76.logue.be)

Notice: Some marker images are extracted from Mappalachia.

Translator Wanted
Since the data of other languages is forcibly extracted, some Latin characters and Chinese characters are garbled.
Korean could not be extracted.

Active support other than English and Japanese is difficult, so we will seek a translation collaborator.

Please see the Github project site for language file specifications.